23 issues with the Ovi Store, main one keeps me away

What's wrong with the Ovi Store? Just about everything actuallyReaders here know my feelings about the Ovi Store and why I currently avoid making any purchases there at all. As Ewan pointed out in his number 1 item of 23 things Nokia needs to fix in the Ovi Store, buyers should be able to redownload purchases to the same device as many times as they need to. I know I am not the only one that performs resets to clean up a device and start over or to fix some rare error with the device and not being able to ever again download an application is an extremely poor practice.

The great promise of the Ovi Store that could have had it stomping on the iPhone App Store was relevant user recommendations and I have yet to see this work at all. There are just so many disappointments in the Ovi Store as clearly described by the folks at All About Symbian and I have to wonder who is actually using the store. I have found a couple of free apps and themes to use, but unlike the Android Market or App Store I don’t actually go to the Ovi Store to find new cool apps and browse around.

It would be interesting to see someone post a list of what is right about the Ovi Store and I fear it would be MUCH shorter than what is wrong with it.


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August 25, 2009

So, where are the right places to look for software for the N97? I’ve been depending on the Ovi store so far. Any recommendations?

As a developer I even considered developing for the N97, but the multiple barriers existing to publish in the Ovi store stopped me… any other place to distribute N97 apps?

August 25, 2009

Nokia hasnĀ“t realized yet that one cannot ignore itunes and app store any more. I think many user would actually use the N97 if they could seamlessly sync their itunes music and playlist as the mac users can do right now. I own a N97 but thinking hard of selling it again due to this ignorance.

August 25, 2009

Thanks for the link!

A couple of points about the article though:

  1. It wasn’t just Ewan writing this, it was a joint effort between me and him. We were simultaneously both doing lists of stuff we’d want to fix on Ovi Store and we thought it would be best to combine them, which is part of the reason the list is so long. It’s two people’s personal peeves combined into one list.

  2. It’s unfair to say “just about everything” is wrong with Ovi Store, it isn’t true. There’s a lot of good stuff on there, especially Ovi Store’s compatibility with the kinds of phones that ordinary people actually buy instead of just high-end models which no one can afford. Nokia’s bringing app stores to ordinary people instead of just technophiles. The cheapest Ovi Store compatible device is about 80 euros unlocked, so practically anyone can afford to get onto Ovi Store (though of course the selection of content varies from handset to handset).

This list wasn’t an attack on Ovi Store, it was just quite simply what it said it was: 23 things which should be fixed or improve. Only two of them were “FIX IT NOW!” things, the rest were stuff that would be nice but aren’t necessarily dealbreakers (at least for me, Ewan would have to speak for himself).

You could do a similar list of 23 things that need fixing on practically any service, especially any service which has only launched a few months ago (and even then it was just a “soft launch” rather than a full official thing). You’ve got to give this kind of thing time to mature. If you compare, for example, Ovi/Nokia Maps now to how it was when it started out… they’re totally different, Ovi Maps now is infinitely more useable. There’s still of room for improvement but there always will be if you want something that’s flexible and reaches a mass market.

Matthew Miller
August 25, 2009

Good valid points Tzer2! I updated the title to more accurately reflect you post I linked to. While I do think you can find issues with every service, Nokia could have done better at launch and I was disappointed and expected so much more. They had tome to see how other stores operate and really could have been the best. Let’s hope they fix a few critical issues and improve the Store.

August 25, 2009

Okay, thanks for changing! :-)

I do totally agree the main problem is a real biggie and will be a deal-breaker for many. That’s the thing that Nokia needs to fix more than anything else, it will put people off using the service if they allow it to go on.

It’s weird too cos EVERYONE else allows re-downloads including Nokia’s other content services on Ovi. What is so difficult about implementing something that everyone (including Nokia!) has been able to do elsewhere?

August 26, 2009

I’m giving up on Nokia all together after 10 years. Yes, if I wanted a phone for the sole purpose of making calls, I would keep getting Nokia. However, times are changing, but Sadly Nokia isn’t adapting…or they are, but fail miserably at it. The Ovi Store is a fine example of replicating someone else’ idea and falling short by a stretch.

Had an iPhone a year ago, sold it, went back to Nokia. While I am not ready to go back to an iPhone, I’m really hating my Nokia experience at the moment. If only a decent Andriod phone would come out with AT&T 3G support.

August 13, 2010

when i first got my 5800 xprss music phone i was amazed at it and all the apps i could download to it. now im very disapointed. after 3 months, when i went to log in to ovi store, i was told i needed to download the latest version, which i did. since then it hasn’t worked properlly since(ovi store). every time i try to download something it says download failed, even after i did a complete update of the intire phone. nokia costumer service is a waste of time, they are like a bunch of robots with a specific bunch of answers to a specific question. and still cant help solve the problem. going to a different make of phone when i upgrade nekt.

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