Wired.com posts great Nokia N900 video

I know a few of you may be sick of hearing about the Nokia N900, but it is the hottest Nokia device at the moment and I will be writing much more about it this week. I just watched a great video overview of the N900 at Wired and was pleased to see that they understand what the device really is and that is much more than a smartphone. Spend a couple minutes checking out the video and stay tuned for more tips & tricks of the N900.


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James Little
October 27, 2009

I think it’s great that device has been getting so much coverage. It’s great that Nokia is delivering a truly open device. Even though I’m a big fan of Symbian it’s probably a good move by Nokia to have both Maemo and Symbian.

Nokia’s still claiming that Qt for Symbian will be released in Q4 and I’m hoping the recent delay for the N900 and the 2.0 N97 firmware is connected with the Qt release. Being able to use the same development framework for Symbian and Maemo is going to be killer.

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