AT&T Navigator E71x contest; we have a winner!

AT&T Navigator E71x contest; we have a winner!

There were 28 valid entries for the AT&T Navigator E71x year subscription contest (most in the comments and some via the comment form). The lucky winner was Emily and here is her contest entry for your information:

I am a Realtor here in SC and while trying to help people find the home of their dreams you tend to see a lot of houses. I could plug in the addresses of the houses and off we go! In this day and age it is essential for a Realtor to always have their phone on them 24/7 and it would be WONDERFUL to have navigation on my new E71x wherever I am at. Also, when traveling with my husband to San Diego soon it would be great to have navigation to get around to see all the sites, restaurants, and have it in the rental car since all of them don’t come with GPS. So for business and personal it can work in all aspects of my life!!! Thanks so much.

Congratulations Emily, enjoy the navigation solution and please do let me know what you think of it as you start traveling around.


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