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This week marks the halfway point for platform coverage in the Smartphone Round Robin event and I will be taking a look at Windows Mobile. I started with the now extinct Palm OS, but then moved onto the Pocket PC/Windows Mobile OS in 2001 so I am intimately familiar with this mobile operating system. Like Nokia, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile is one of the old school mobile operating systems and IMHO is one of the most customizable and powerful ones around. I’ll be looking at the HTC HD2 and HTC Touch Pro2 this week with Phil from WMExperts.

I kicked off a discussion forum post over at WMExperts to gather some feedback from the Windows Mobile community. You can also findĀ Phil Nickinson from WMExperts here on Nokia Experts asking all of you about S60 and Maemo. By participating in the discussion you will be entered into the drawing for your own Nokia smartphone (model to be determined) at the end of the Smartphone Round Robin event. Please read the contest details for more information.

Check out a video after the break of me using a couple of Windows Mobile devices and talking to Phil about them and the Windows Phone platform. My review of the Windows Phone platform, with thoughts on the HTC HD2 and HTC Touch Pro2, will be posted here on Friday so stay tuned and please visit the other Smartphone Experts sites to participate in the discussions of all platforms.


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December 29, 2009

good video.. I havent used a windows mobile phone since hp 6315. it was an aweful experience, constant battery problem and shutdowns… I think i might consider jumping ship to windows mobile if they ever come out with zune phone :)… its nokia all the way till then…

me too
January 2, 2010

The video contained a few errors worth correcting. The ones I remember:

  1. One can use a stylus on Capacitive screens, you need a conductive stylus. Search google and you’ll find a few models available.

  2. The HD2 screen size is 4.3″ diagonal and not 4.1″ as mentioned in the video. No biggie.

  3. HTC did not add more pixels to the screen as is implied in the video, the whole point is, 800 x 486 pixels at 4.3″ = 800 x 486 pixels at 3.6″. The only difference is that things will appear larger and more easily legible on the larger screen, but the content they carry will appear exactly the same, no cropping as they have the same number of pixels across and down.

Thanks for the comparisons… I’m torn between Nokia and HTC.

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