My wife looks at the latest and greatest smartphones, Nokia N8 is her choice

My wife looks at the latest and greatest smartphones, Nokia N8 is her choiceI wanted to share a short story with you about my wife and her recent experiences with smartphones and my Nokia N8. I think all of you here reading Nokia Experts will appreciate the ending too.

Once upon a time my wife saw all of excellent smartphones I had in my collection and switched to a T-Mobile Dash. She used three of these over the next couple of years, she drops her phones a lot, and was fairly pleased with the ability to smart filter her contacts and have access to a QWERTY keyboard. She also learned about text messaging from me and my girls and seemed to be quite a fan of QWERTY devices.

The last Dash died and she said she wanted something more durable with a QWERTY keyboard. I gave her my Nokia E71 and she was happy again. She used the E71 for over a year, but then kept finding the need to take pictures and video of our girls on the go without having to remember to always carry a camera. She tried the E71 camera, but is not happy with it. I let her use the E73 Mode for a bit, but for some reason calls kept dropping for her with this device and I am not sure it was the Bluetooth headset connection or what. It really didn’t matter though because she wasn’t happy and did not want to take the time to troubleshoot it.

I bought my dark gray N8 back in early October and have been using it to capture some great photos and videos of my girls playing sports, dressing up for the dance, and more. My wife enjoyed seeing all of these great camera shots and videos and I could see the look of envy in her eyes.

After a few years of my prompting, my wife finally decided she wanted to jump on the wireless data bandwagon so she could check her email, upload photos to Facebook, find things on the Internet on the go and more. I wrote a book on Windows Phone 7 so she had the chance to play the Flowerz game on one of my evaluation devices and was hooked. She almost had so much fun with it that she wanted to buy a phone that had it on there. We have been T-Mobile customers for about 9 years and when they launched their myTouch 4G in four colors we went to the store to compare that, the HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 device, the BlackBerry Bold 9700, and some other new Android devices. We walked out of the store with the myTouch 4G in white for her and a purple/plum one for me because the 5 megapixel camera and video capability actually were quite good.

After a week of using Android, my wife decided the constant notifications, limited battery life, involved management of apps and syncing functions, and overall experience just wasn’t for her. I just returned both of the myTouch 4G units this weekend.

As I just wrote, my orange Nokia N8 arrived last Friday. My wife saw it and said it was a beautiful device. She then said she wanted a Nokia N8 because she found that making phone calls and having the best camera with her at all times was her priority. I told her not to be too quick to jump on the device just because the camera so I popped her SIM from the E71 she went back to into the dark gray Nokia N8 and asked her to use it all weekend. She is a Party Lite consultant and had four shows this weekend so I showed her the basics of the N8, including how to put in an address and use Ovi Maps.

My wife came to me after her shows with a look of excitement on her face and said she wanted her own Nokia N8 and preferred the blue or even green one so she could more easily find it in her purse or around the house. She LOVED Ovi Maps and said it was even better than the navigation in her Acura. She took photos at her shows and all the guests were impressed with the quality and the Nokia N8. She is used to using the Symbian OS and likes the smart dialing functionality, excellent phone call reception, quality, and controls, and the fact that she can do it all with such a beautiful piece of hardware. She became hooked on Swype on the myTouch 4G and is very excited to see it running on the Nokia N8. Her first comment though was that she wanted a portrait Swype or QWERTY keyboard ASAP!

I am now on the hunt for a blue Nokia N8 for my wife as they appear to be difficult to find here in the US. Amazon and other retailers have silver, gray and green. The Nokia USA store won’t work for me so I can’t get a blue one from them either. An online buddy may just be making a swap with me though and helping me get a blue one soon. I know as my middle daughter makes the varsity basketball team that my wife will want to capture those moments on the court and will be using the blue Nokia N8 a lot. I am excited to see what my wife thinks of the N8 over time and find it interesting that she chose this device after I gave her hands-on options with Windows Phone 7 and Android.


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Ricky Cadden
November 15, 2010

My wife recently had a similar experience – her E71 died, so I gave her my E63 (she wasn’t interested in learning a new phone), which she’s used for over a year now. She decided on the white MyTouch 4G, though, and loves it. Yesterday she described it to my dad as ‘like an iPhone, only better’ without being prompted by me.

I had taken the time to get her Google Contacts all synced up a few months ago, so there was no pain in setting up at all – just enter your username/password and she was off to the races. I did install a few apps for her, but other than that, she’s already setup her homescreens and changed the background and whatnot.

November 15, 2010

As a woman I can so relate to this story above and am even more drooling and wanting a N8 myself, can’t afford one so still sticking to my N900 (and still happy with that), hope you will find your wife a blue N8 soon !!
Regards from the Netherlands

November 15, 2010

I have a silver n8 and my wife has a dark grey n8, previously I had a black n97 mini and my wife a brown mini. :)

November 15, 2010

I read somewhere that in the next software update, the N8 will get a portrait QWERTY keyboard. So, that should be a good improvement!

November 15, 2010

Hey.., Its a nice story Mr Matt, it remembers me the shared stories Toyota’s Facebook :

By the way most people don’t like the Nokia devices here in the US they don’t even know much about it, and somehow they have bad ideas “may be because of the Engadget guy” and most of them just “roll over” just because they heard something they say so.

Nokia is the device that you like it after you use it not like the iPhone all people love it just because Steve Jobs talk about it. “Unfortunately Nokia need some works in marketing”.

Anyways I Hope you find the blue one soon, and thank you for sharing this nice story with us.

November 15, 2010

I wonder how your daughters think about N8? it’s would be another story to tell :) looking forward to hearing you soon. I spend a whole week with my new silver N8, my friend who uses iphone4 nad also a Apple fan and semi-pro photographer has to admit N8 have nice camera, however it still lacks of something to improve the experiences like screen is not as good as her retina screen on ip4 or touch to focus…

November 15, 2010

I got my blue Nokia N8 from Nokia USA online store mainly because it’s the only place they have it.And I got it the 3rd day after i ordered it.No problems whatsoever.But like you said if you can get the color you want at Amazon definately go there.Regarding your wife’s choice-she made a great one.I was crazy about the orange color too but in the end decided it’s too extreme so I got the blue one.It’s a relaxing color and looks fantastic especially in daylight.Love the blue one.

November 15, 2010

Ricky C started with “my wife had a similar experience”. I thought his wife like N8 too and bought one. But alas it was an Android device. Funny!
Good story. Ladies tend to be less techky and more of looks and funtionality that matters most like calls, sms, camera and video. But I won’t dare my wife to buy her N8 because she’ll get the money and buy LV instead:)

November 16, 2010

“After a week of using Android, my wife decided the constant notifications, limited battery life, involved management of apps and syncing functions, and overall experience just wasn’t for her. I just returned both of the myTouch 4G units this weekend.”

It would be great to get more details on this and perhaps do a comparison in a future article. People that don’t know the finer points could benefit (people like me!)

The one advantage I see with Android phone is most of them have easily replaceable batteries so carrying a spare battery is a good idea if battery life is going to be trouble. Also disabling battery-wasting applications works on pretty much any platform, so I wonder if the battery life concerns could be mitigated with some uninstalling or disabling of wasteful battery applications running in the background. Was this tried?

The Nokia N8’s battery is removable but not without tools and I’m unsure how much better the battery life is.

More specific information on “involved management of apps and syncing functions” would be good to hear about.

Thanks for the write-up.

November 16, 2010

Latest, greatest and thinnest smartphone is only Apple iPhone.

November 16, 2010

Nice story! Glad it all worked out for you. I think more Americans would fall in love with high-end Nokia phones if given the opportunity to know more about them.

Alexei Rivera
November 17, 2010

Would the wife not consider owning a dedicated camera instead? The optical zoom should be pretty useful for sporting events.

November 17, 2010

well for starters,i dont hav a
bt my girlfriend keep droppin her fone,which is soo funny…bt i trust d@ è n8 will hold_wiv its durability and all.x

November 17, 2010

I have an N900 and my wife got the N8 the other day, mainly because of the camera and ability to take great pictures of our 2 y.o. son. And she really liked Ovi Maps navigation. So now we have 2 great phones at home that really complement each other. Excellent! :-)

November 17, 2010

Get out of limited world of nokia and see there are really-smart smart-phones like iPhone and android based phones.

November 22, 2010

hello there. Great story and thanks for sharing :) Many people underestimate symbian because they haven’t tried it and because of all the bad press it gets… I’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy S for over a month and just recently did I sell it and buy an N8. Yes, the Galaxy was really good but it had certain issues that made it very annoying to use. For instance, you had to download a task manager to close the apps manually and they will keep opening automatically. If you don’t close them regularly, the phone will become very laggy. Another thing is the battery life.. it was a misery. I could drain the whole battery life in 4 hours, no joke. I think people need to start trying Nokia if they really want to know symbian. My N8 is green btw, and Im absolutely loving it. :)

December 1, 2010

Hi and thanks for a good RL story.

My story is similar. I had a windows mobile device for the last 2 years and I tried Android for a short while but ended up on the N8.
When my GF saw me taking those awesome pictures, playing my music in the car with the FM transmitter she went and got one too.
Now my brother who’s an iPhone geek wants the N8 too because it just so practical and rugged with plenty of apps even tho the overall is of course less the apple.


[…] told you the story about my wife and the Nokia N8 and am happy to report that I was able to get her a blue Nokia N8 through a timely purchase and […]

December 3, 2010

I’ve been a longtime Nokia fan, running through some of the original candybars, on up through the E71 and the 97mini, and I would really love to try the N8, but the absence of portrait QWERTY is to me — such a brain freeze and idiotic move on Nokia’s part — that I am holding off unless and until it’s fixed. The promise of a software update doesn’t do it for me (same with Windows 7 promise of cut and paste functionality)

[…] told you the story about my wife and the Nokia N8 and am happy to report that I was able to get her a blue Nokia N8 through a timely purchase and […]

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