Walk around Barriosquare Foursquare application for the Nokia N900

Walk around Barriosquare Foursquare application for the Nokia N900A couple of days ago I mentioned that I was part of the beta test group for Barriosquare on the Nokia N900. Barriosquare is a Foursquare application that will hopefully soon find itself in the Maemo repositories and Ovi Store for the N900. I am very impressed with how fast the developer, Chris Burris, rolls out updates and at this time I have version 0.1.23 loaded on my device. It has actually been quite fun to mess around with X Terminal and figure out some commands and geeky aspects of the N900. As you can see in the screenshots below, Barriosquare is actually quite a good looking and functional application that easily beats many of the apps we already see in the Maemo repositories.

What the heck is Foursquare?

For those of you unfamiliar with Foursquare, I recommend you check out the Learn More page. Foursquare is a social networking service that is both a game and an information tool with ties into Twitter and Facebook. You “check in” to various locations and then can have your location sent to Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook friends. You can add “shouts” when you check in to add a statement along with your check in. It is an easy way to see who else in your friend list is in the area and even cooler you can leave and find tips that are location based and live in the cloud as virtual tags. I have found this most helpful at restaurants where people have left tips on what is good to eat or what you should avoid ordering. There is some huge potential here for expanding this tips capability and even having venues give you coupons if you login or other incentives to play the game.

To further the game aspects of the service, you can earn different badges for checking into various locations a certain number of times, throughout different times of the day, and multiple times. Some of the badges are just plain silly, but I have to admit it is kind of fun. If you check in enough at a certain location you will earn the title of Mayor and at this time I am mayor of 10 locations. You can actually earn free coffee, ice cream, hotel stays and more by being the mayor of certain locations so get out there and check in with your N900 and GPS. The stats page is quite interesting to view as well.

Quick look at Barriosquare

I won’t go into all the details of Barriosquare since it is still actively being developed, but Chris told me it was OK to post some screenshots and thoughts. I find the user interface of Barriosquare to be quite good and easily rivals the native Foursquare apps we see on the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Google Android platforms. As you can see in the screenshots, Chris uses Google Maps to show locations on maps. You can tap icons to view your information, your check-in history, your friends history, established venues in your geographic location, and ability to search for venues. This latest version just added the ability to add venues right in Barriosquare so that you can then check-in to new locations. The application is pretty straightforward while looking good.

When you select a venue you will see a Google Maps view, address and phone number (if entered), along with the mayor of that venue. On the right are options to check-in, view any tips, check out links, and see who else is at that venue. I have yet to see anyone in the who is here page so am not sure this is enabled yet.

There are currently 66 members of the Barriosquare Google group so hopefully the application is getting tested out so it can be improved and tested thoroughly. If you have a N900 and are interested, then please do apply for membership to test it out.


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February 3, 2010

Glad to see someone is working on an app for this service. We have a serious lack of good social networking apps on the n900. Hopefully I can get in and be a beta tester for this one.

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February 3, 2010

Great overview! I’m part of the beta testing as well, and think you nailed it. Before barriosquare, I literally had no idea what to do with, or why I should care about Foursquare, but the app has made the service valuable, and fun! Chris, the developer, is working diligently, and has been open to suggestions and ideas. He is also making significant progress in a short period of time.

I’ll echo your thoughts as well, in that if you are using an N900, and want to familiarize yourself with Xterm, etc, then try to get involved in a Beta project such as this. It’s a fun way of learning more about the possibilities of your device with a group of like-minded, helpful people!

February 3, 2010

Totally agree with your post and the comments of David too. The app is great, feature-rich already and very stable for such an early version. Chris is also very attentive and open to discussion too.

The beta has been a joy to be involved with and in no small part sums up the joy of the N900 and early-adopting! Great work!!

Pinguins soltos
February 3, 2010

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Luke Garratt
February 3, 2010

Not much to say that hasn’t been said – the app is great, Chris is working hard and providing regular updates, 4square is fun.

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[…] Anwendung für den relativ neuen FourSquare-Dienst, wird demnächst für das N900 erscheinen. Auf nokiaexperts.com gibt es bereits einen kleinen Vorgeschmack inklusive einiger Bilder, wer selber testen möchte, […]

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David S.
June 18, 2010

BarrioSquare needs much improvement, the app just doesn’t work smoothly and the user interface is too cluttered.
Instead I would recomment http://check.in.
Like Cotchin (www.cotchin.com) this is a HTML5 site with a very clean and easy to use interface. It doesn’t have any ‘tips’ and ‘friends’ features but it in my opinion the fastest way to quickly check in on FourSquare (and even other location based services such as Brightkite).

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