Back from vacation, fired up about Nokia and T-Mobile

It has taken me longer than planned to catch back up here on Nokia Experts after a lovely Mediterranean cruise with my fabulous wife, but stay tuned for several articles and a new Guide coming next week. I first wanted to say that if you are ever traveling outside the US you may want to seriously consider taking along a Nokia smartphone loaded up with Ovi Maps and a Truphone Local Anywhere SIM card. I placed maps for Spain, France, and Italy on the Nokia N97 Mini and was able to use Ovi Maps walking feature to get around different foreign cities with no SIM card in the device. I had the Truphone SIM card in the Nokia N86 8GB (also used to capture video) and kept in touch with my daughters back home in the US for about 80 cents per minute for phone calls, 18 cents per outgoing SMS, and 12 cents per incoming SMS. I understand that incoming is supposed to be free, but that is not what I was billed although I am looking into getting some credit back. Since my girls like to text, this was an easy way to stay in touch for pretty low cost.


As Dieter posted last week, T-Mobile USA and Nokia announced that the E73 Mode is coming on 16 June for only $69.99. The E73 Mode looks to be a Nokia E72 with support for T-Mobile’s 3G data network. For just $70, you know I will be all over this awesome device and my wife may just have found a reason to upgrade from her E71 too. I wrote an article today on ZDNet asking if T-Mobile can increase the mind share for Nokia smartphones in the US. I know they are the smallest of the four major carriers, but they do not load up devices with crapware, have competitive voice and data plans, and seem to gloss over any tethering discussions. They will soon have both the Nokia Nuron and E73 Mode available for $69.99 each and I know I personally will be recommending these for T-Mobile customers. The Eseries are ROCK SOLID devices and $70 for this is ridiculous, IMHO.


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