Truphone adds new Nokia device support, Rafe explains it all

truphoneYesterday Truphone announced (PDF file) support for several new Nokia devices and Rafe over at All About Symbian put together a great post on how Truphone can help you out. Rafe explained in detailed and straightforward terms what Truphone is and the two way Nokia owners can connect and use the service. Unfortunately, Nokia has been messing with the SIP stack on the S60 platform so VoIP is limited in some of the newer devices. The N97 is also not yet supported by Truphone.

I used Truphone in the past when traveling overseas and it is intended to help you pay less for international calling. Truphone is available on just about every mobile platform, including the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and S60. Have any of you used Truphone on your Nokia device?


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Michael Jenkins
June 27, 2009

I have Truphone on my e61i and my 5800 XM. I use it on my e61i to call my syster in Germany as it does support the VoIP. It is very clear and I love it. I use the auto top off. I find that I can call and talk for a really really good rate. I haven’t messed with it on the 5800 much yet. it is as the article states only a Truphone anywhere app and does not support VoIP right from the device like the e61i does. I do like Truphone and I think in time it will give the major telecom companies a little run for their money on rates!

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