Tracy and Matt post a detailed and fair Nokia N8 review

Tracy and Matt post a detailed and fair Nokia N8 reviewIt seems that those who have used Symbian love the N8 while there are many in the media who rarely use Symbian and tend to slam the N8. Thus, I was pleased to read a very fair and balanced review over on Tracy and Matt’s site. Overall, they really liked using the Nokia N8 and pointed out some good apps and aspects of the device to consider.

A part from the 10-second review section that summarizes the article is as follows:

  • Summary: A fantastic new operating system that is a long overdue update for Symbian, the hardware is superb on this phone also and I would have to say that very little disappoints.
  • Best of: Camera, Build Quality, AMOLED screen, Battery life
  • Worst of: OVI Store, buttons a little flimsy, weighty

I have to say I am jealous of those who can use Spotify on their N8 and wish we would get Slacker Radio or even Spotify support here in the U.S.


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December 22, 2010

So when you say ‘fair’, do you mean totally unfamiliar with any other and usually better smartphone platforms and thus not too harsh on Symbian?

December 22, 2010

@NDPTAL85, I think it was “fair” I have been an iphone user from day one and have had every new one they came out with and truly cant go without having it with me, but I just got the N8 after having owned a E71 which I gave up for the iPhone. The N8 is everything the review reported and is a Great device, Symbian is changing and for the better, does the N8 do everything as good as the iPhone4? NO, but you can do things with it that you cant with the iPhone.
My question to you is WHY do you question the review done by Tracy and Matt’s post.

December 22, 2010

Thanks Matthew for this post.

December 22, 2010

I question it (I read the entire report) because the consensus from other reviewers, my friends and my own experience with Symbian is that its just not keeping pace with its competitors. It seems like there’s a small minority of highly technically competent long time Symbian users who disagree, but what they IMO admire in Symbian is feature count, not feature quality. Nothing in this review changed my mind on that front. I also don’t see the N8 or Symbian reversing Nokia’s slide in smartphone marketshare which is their most profitable segment and essential to the company’s long term survival.

So this leaves me puzzled as to why the review is so glowing over the N8.

December 23, 2010

That review was really painful to read. Its ok if you spell words like categorize with an s or vice versa but don’t use both. They need to take some journalism or English classes or at least use spell check. The grammar is horrible and the stucture is annoying. It feels like I was reading a report a 15 year old girl wrote.

December 23, 2010


Robert Najafabadi
December 24, 2010

I for one lesson to Tracy and Matt Podcast and YouTube unboxing videos and none of them use Symbian at all in fact say that it is old ect and they use Blackberrys Android iPhone WEB OS and reviewed many Windows Phone 7 devices. So I would say fair I use iPhone as my main phone and I hack iDroid on one of my two iPods and I had a Nokia E71X as my first smartphone about 18 months ago after I had an iPod Touch for a few years, and Symbian is the sane as every other OS and sometimes even more app luncher and at-a-glance-info ( witch most news Smaetphones hack on examples WEB OS and IOS) Symbian also has wegets So how is Symbian unusable for some many North Americans also donot think that I am a fanboy for Nokia just a fan of devices that I think are cool/my tast.
PS Tracy and Matt for Eropean Countries witch eventide English and their grammar should be expected to be different and they do sleep some words differently.

December 25, 2010


Yes, they can’t possibly have used other devices because they only review Nokia devices on their site. Oh wait, they don’t. They review all brands.

Fine, you have your own opinion, that’s cool. Why is it so difficult to accept that there is quite a sizable number of people who don’t share your point of view? I mean I have no issue with people who choose the iPhone or high end Android devices because they’re the best devices for them so why doubt others.

I grow tired of the stupid self centred nonsense spouted by you and some others. Learn to accept the preferences of others and grow up a bit.

December 26, 2010

What a self centered stupid crap you are writing, it is ok that you and your friends don’t like or find symbian useful,but there are many other people who like it,just accept that. Grow up, the world is not all about you and your friends,there is billions of other people with different tastes,likes and dislikes. I don’t see why you should question any person experience of a product! I think it is really your intelligence that ought to be questioned. You have your reasons to like whatever mobile OS you use, and no one questions that, just let others make their choices and like whatever OS they want.

January 12, 2011

My writing is not self centered. Symbian truly is a dying OS in terms of marketshare. When the only strong points of your market you can point to are poor people in third world countries, thats not a strong foundation for a company’s operating system. I know that people have different tastes, I’m not disputing that. What I am disputing is your assertion that people are choosing Symbian because they like it instead of because its the cheapest option available for their income range. What do you think is going to happen to Symbian’s global marketshare when cheap Android phones start flooding Asia and Africa and the Middle East? The iPhone will take the high end, Android will take the low end and Nokia will be left out in the cold.

A recent poll on showed that 45% of the Blackberry fanboys there will jump to the iPhone on Verizon. Thats fanboys. When you think about the non-fanboy BB users the percentage probably doubles. If RIM can’t hold onto its users what makes you think Nokia can?

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