N900 tips & tricks: Using Twitter on the go

N900 tips & tricks: Using Twitter on the goOne of the applications I am looking for to make the N900 a more useful device for me personally is a Twitter application. I started out using the only one I could find, Mauku and it gives you some basic functionality. You can setup multiple accounts and view a limited number (not controllable) of Tweets. You can reply, reTweet, view your friends Tweets, and open hyperlinks. You cannot view mentions or DMs though and that is pretty vital for me.

I also experienced some corruption with my microfeed back end that houses the usernames and passwords and after a couple of N900 reflashes the issues were still there so I gave up on Mauku. I just found that the developer posted a very useful note on the Mauku site where you enter a command in X Terminal to wipe your backend database clean. I am not a Linux geek and know very little about using Terminal so I was a bit nervous, but the single line you enter was simply and worked like a charm to get me restarted with Mauku. As quoted from the Mauku site:

You can delete the backend database with X Terminal by entering the following command:

rm -R /home/user/.microfeed

In my quest to find a good Twitter application I came upon Ricky’s post regarding Witter on the N900 and have that loaded up. Witter gives you just about all the functionality you need with Twitter, but the UI is very basic and needs some work.

You can also use the web browser to access the full Twitter site (quite limited itself) or even better use the dabr.co.uk site.

I sincerely hope that Nokia is having the developer of Gravity create a Nokia N900/Maemo version of Gravity because this could be a killer application on that device.

What are you using for Twitter on your N900?


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December 17, 2009

I don’t use anything for twitter on my N900 because my “pre-order” still hasn’t shipped… sniff

Random Select
December 17, 2009

I currently use Mauku and http://www.twitter.com to access Twitter.

It would be nice to have apps that give easier access to social networking sites like on S60 then going to the actual sites themselves.

coughGravity please!cough

It eliminates extra steps and makes things a lot more simple (which is what the current trend on Android and iPhone OS is going towards). Making things simple and not complicated sells and I hope Maemo goes that route.

I’m mainly holding onto the N900 just to see how the community develops. It’s a very powerful and nice device and I hope we end up getting the opportunity to use it to its fullest in the near future.

December 18, 2009

I recently created http://twimply.com as an alternative for m.twitter.com, since at that time Twitter’s mobile site didn’t have an easy reply and retweet function. Another (I believe unique) feature of Twimply is the possibility to save links in tweets to Instapaper or Delicious for later reading.

Just like dabr, it’s web-based, and I like to think its design is prettier.

This is a shameless plug of my own product, but I really do hope it’s useful for people looking for a twitter client.

[…] Using Twitter on the Nokia N900 […]

[…] Using Twitter on the Nokia N900 […]

[…] Using Twitter on the Nokia N900 […]

[…] Using Twitter on the Nokia N900 […]

[…] Using Twitter on the Nokia N900 […]

[…] Using Twitter on the Nokia N900 […]

[…] and is a very solid performer. There are a few applications I want to see on the N900 and as I have talked about before Twitter is important to me. Back in December, I found out about Witter and while it is much more functional than Mauku, there […]

Horst Fuchs
January 27, 2010

Already tried http://www.hahlo.com? Works OK for me.

July 21, 2010

Using the witter app for my N900.

August 5, 2010

Use Witter. It’s the best Twitter app currently available for the N900.

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