Tips & tricks: Remove the Boingo access point from your N97

boingomobileFunny, I was reading Mark Guim’s latest blog entry on how to remove the Boingo access point from your Nokia N97 and learned that new N97 owners were given 3 months of free access with the device. I have used Boingo in the past to stay in touch with my family while traveling and could have used it just last month while traveling in Mexico, but I had no clue I had a 3-month account. I’ve been thinking about getting an account since the mobile version is only $7.95 a month, but I am holding out for a true Skype client for the N97 that Nokia promised a while ago. I supposed I could get it to use with the Skype client on my iPhone 3GS 😉

Are any of you readers Boingo customers? Care to share your experiences with the service around the world?


2 Comments to Tips & tricks: Remove the Boingo access point from your N97

August 14, 2009

I can not see how removing the access point is so great. The largest problem is that this useless trial application can not be removed from the constantly out-of-memory c: drive

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