Tips & tricks: More efficient text entry on the Nokia E75

I have to say the more I use the E75, the further down in my stack of phones the E71 moves. I have read some thoughts online about people not liking the predictive text implementation. I see that predictive text is an option in keypad/portrait mode, but I don’t see predictive text as an option when in QWERTY mode.  Am I missing something here? I found the setting for predictive text in QWERTY mode too. It seems you actually have to turn it on in both modes as the setting in one doesn’t establish the setting for both, which is a good thing too. One reason I do like predictive text mode in QWERTY layout is because the autofill for things like didn’t and other words with the apostrophe.

Tips & tricks: More efficient text entry on the Nokia E75

One thing I just discovered this morning (similar to what I have seen on my old Treo 650 and a couple other devices) that should make you MUCH more efficient with this keyboard is that you do not have to press the blue Function key and then a character to enter the alternative text (text/characters in blue). You simply press and hold down on the desired key and the alternative text appears.

You still need to hit a shift key for a capital letter, but Nokia provides both a right and left shift key so that shouldn’t be a problem.

At times, I do wish there was left and right soft keys or the capability to assign program/actions to the QWERTY keyboard, but most of the time I only swing open the keyboard to enter text and I don’t live in QWERTY landscape mode.


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Kevin Neely
April 15, 2009

I loved predictive text in E71 qwerty mode. I think it should be anywhere that one types solely with their thumbs. Heck, I even have it enabled in Open Office on my desktop!

I wish Nokia would make it an option for the E75, but especially for the 5800 with its soft keyboard, much like the way the N800 works.

Matthew Miller
April 15, 2009

Kevin, I updated my post after searching around and finding the setting in landscape mode. I now plan to keep it on and see which is faster for me. It seems like it could make for faster text entry, especially for words with the apostrophe. The press and hold functionality still works for blue characters too.

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December 4, 2009


speed way to switch writing klanguage
January 26, 2010

is there shortcut without opening slide for switch writing language?

Muhammad Naseer Sher
February 20, 2010

hi, i have nokia e75 but one broblm with lcd whit
plz help me lcd white my e75 nokia howa can solf this broblm

July 20, 2010

hey guys i have nokia E75 but getting one that flash light of my mobile is continously ON its irritate me alot can any tel me why is happen and what is solution for this thanks waiting for the kind reply of angel for me

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