Tips & tricks: It’s easy to transfer data to your new Nokia device

Two Nokia products arrived at our house on Friday, the evaluation blue Nokia N8 for me and a new white Nokia E71 for my wife. She loves the E71 and I was considering a white E5, but since the solid form factor of the E71 is her primary concern I switched to the E71 at the last minute. The first thing she asked me was if she could transfer her contacts, text messages, and other info from the old E71 to her new one. I personally never tried this before since I have an Exchange server and just set that up to get my contacts, calendar, and email over from one device to another. She doesn’t have data on her phone and has no Exchange account so that wouldn’t work from her. I heard there was a tool for this in Nokia phones, but never tried it before. I looked at her E71 and found the Switch utility.

Switch is designed to use infrared or Bluetooth to transfer the following information from one Nokia device to another with a checkbox in front of each for you to select what you want to transfer.

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Personal settings
  • Text messages
  • MMS
  • Notes
  • Images
  • Landmarks
  • Sound clips
  • Video clips
  • Bookmarks
  • Recent calls
  • Active notes
  • Nokia folder
I connected my wife’s old E71 with her new one via Bluetooth and a couple minutes later she was all set up and running. I was a hero in her eyes for making it such an easy process.

After seeing how this was done I decided to do the same between the Nokia E73 Mode and the N8. In the N8 you will find this utility in Tools>Phone Setup>Date transfer. You then tap the Another phone button and make the connection to perform the transfer. Again, I connected the two phones via Bluetooth and the transfer was simple. When my own N8 arrives I plan to do this with the evaluation N8 as well and cannot believe I have been passing up such a valuable tool for so many years.


12 Comments to Tips & tricks: It’s easy to transfer data to your new Nokia device

E71 User
October 2, 2010

What was wrong with your wife’s E71? Did it break or suffer bizarre memory full issues like mine?

Matthew Miller
October 2, 2010

My wife is very hard on phones and after a year or so of regular drops it finally started acting up and couldn’t take any more. She REALLY like the keyboard and high quality of the device though and will not try a full touchscreen device.

Robert Najafabadi
October 2, 2010

I have a Nokia E71x and I know it is not the same but I first had it with out data and I used Google sync in Exchange synced when it was on wifi and I had it so that all the apps work only in wifi that sync email, contacts calendar.

Second is that on a Mac or PC because I have a Mac and I can’t get to sync and or backup

Third seen an app called OVI sync how do I get that to work with the OVI online stuff. Thank You

October 4, 2010

@robert: e71 is compatible with isync, check out the isync plugin at You have to download first the plugin then you can use isync easily especially with Bluetooth.

October 4, 2010

Great review of the N8, thanks – but what about call quality? This is, after all, a phone. Also – what is the quality of the music player and the FM radio (also the FM transmitter) thanks

Simon maier
October 8, 2010

Hi when you transferred from your E73 to the N8 did your text messages get transferred also?

Matthew Miller
October 8, 2010

Simon, yes, I chose to have my text messages transferred over and they came over just fine. They were actually in conversation (threaded SMS) view as well!

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