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Best of Smartphone Experts, 21 Feb 2010 – MWC Edition

We’re back from Mobile World Congress 2010 battered but excited for the upcoming year in smartphones. We had coverage from the show at all six sites. If the above isn’t enough to whet your appetite for Mobile World Congress news, we’ve helpfully collated a list of all our coverage up to this point after the break. There are still a few more posts to come as we empty our memory cards and ponder what we held in out hands out in Barcelona – so stay tuned!

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Nokia and Intel Announce Meego – Maemo and Moblin Merge!


Big big news everybody and – Nokia’s Maemo platform is merging with Intel’s Moblin platfrom to create a new, LInux-based platform called <b>Meego</b>! The companies plan on offering the OS on multiple types of devices, from tablets to phones to television boxes.

Meego will work with the Qt app development ecosystem – which will hopefully radically increase the number of apps available for Nokia’s Linux devices. The software will be hosted by the Linux foundation, and naturally it will be fully open source. It’ll come in the second quarter of 2010 and we’ll have devices by the end of the year!

We were live at the event, read on for updates from the press event and the full press release after the break.

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Nokia Keeps Pushing Ovi Services Forward – Ovi Maps, Ovi Music, and More


While it may not be as blockbuster as Maemo becoming Meego, Nokia is also eager to let everybody know that they’re having plenty of success on the services side of their business. We’ve already discussed how game-changing the new, free version of Ovi Maps is, and unsurprisingly Nokia is just as excited as we are. Nokia just passed the 3 million download mark – they’re getting 100,000 downloads per day.

For updates on all of Nokia’s services – read on for our updates written live at Nokia’s press conference at Mobile World Congress!

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Symbian S60, S40, and Meego: Nokia’s Strategy


We’ve discussed Nokia’s future and how they will handle differentiating three different operating systems many times here at Nokia Experts and no doubt we will revisit it many times again. However, we thought the above graphic Nokia released today goes a long way.  Add in  the fact that the Qt development platform means developers can develop once for both Symbian and Meego and things become a little clearer.

Whether the above chart will actually reflect the real size of the “Mobile Computer” and “Smartphone” markets and whether there are real differences between them long term remains an open question. But if you’re been wondering what the plan is after the Meego announcement – just spend some time contemplating the above.

Smartphone Experts at Mobile World Congress

This week Smartphone Experts’ Dieter Bohn, Kevin Michaluk, and Phil Nickinson are at Mobile World Congress, covering what’s basically the biggest cell phone show on the planet. Different sites will have different coverage. Palm and Apple aren’t expected to do much here this year, so the bulk of SPE’s coverage will be at sites not called or TiPb (but don’t forget that  TiPb blew up Macworld last week – tons of news there).

So for what’s shaking, keep an eye on Android Central,, Nokia Experts, and this year especially keep an eye on WMExperts.

As long as you’re following things, be sure to hit up the twitter feeds for those sites too, as when we have news we want to get out there quickly, we’ll be doing it there.

Meanwhile, Phil, Kevin, and Dieter will record a podcast from time to time, like we did just now on the eve of the craziness at MWC. You know you want to partake of these 17 minutes of smartphone joy. Keep an eye on the above mentioned sites for more!

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