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Public Meego development kicks off with N900 image

Public Meego development kicks off with N900 imageThe merging of Maemo and Moblin was announced at MWC with the name of Meego. We just heard the news that Meego development is opening up to the public today with image downloads for netbooks, the N900, and Intel-based handsets. At this time, unless you are a developer I am pretty sure there is nothing for us N900 owners to download and try, but at least things are moving forward and we hear that the first version of Meego to install may be released in May. I am interested in seeing how Meego will differ from what we see today in Maemo, aren’t you?

Symbian S60, S40, and Meego: Nokia’s Strategy


We’ve discussed Nokia’s future and how they will handle differentiating three different operating systems many times here at Nokia Experts and no doubt we will revisit it many times again. However, we thought the above graphic Nokia released today goes a long way.  Add in  the fact that the Qt development platform means developers can develop once for both Symbian and Meego and things become a little clearer.

Whether the above chart will actually reflect the real size of the “Mobile Computer” and “Smartphone” markets and whether there are real differences between them long term remains an open question. But if you’re been wondering what the plan is after the Meego announcement – just spend some time contemplating the above.

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