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Best of SPE, 22 March 2009

Tuesday was a big big day at Smartphone Experts. Not only did we have comprehensive coverage of the new iPhone 3.0 software announcement (and more keeps coming here) at The iPhone Blog, over at we had one of the very first hands-on with the BlackBerry “Niagara” 9630. If you add in late developments like some additional Windows Mobile 6.5 features sneaking out at WMExperts and anticipation that the Nokia E71 will finally hit AT&T at Nokia Experts, you make for a fairly exciting week in the smartphone world.

Read on for the Best of SPE!

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Around SPE for 15 March, 2009

Welcome to Around SPE, where we highlight the big news of the week from around the network in a format that’s more than just a list-o-bullets. This week we’re putting the spotlight on Android Central, which saw a fairly hefty redesign on Wednesday night. Search, registration, commenting, navigation, the whole shootin’ match is all much improved.

We’re also proud to announce that Android Central made a donation to Olin College to help students there develop mobile applications (with a special focus on Android, naturally). You can find out more information about the class here, or better yet — go check out the applications already in development this early in the semester!

In Android news, we caught word that Amazon was selling the Black G1 for a measly $97.99. Then it got even better with Costco offering the G1 for $79.99, a whole $100 off! Why the discounts? Recession? Pressure from the HTC Magic? Finally, the long awaited Cupcake update is supposed to come to Android by April. Paid apps came to the UK Android Market. And we wondered whether the T-Mobile G2 (aka HTC Magic) was going to show up at CTIA.

Now for the roundup of the week’s news from our other SPE sites!

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Around SPE for 9 March, 2009

This week broke the first real photos of the BlackBerry “Niagara” 9630, WMExperts brought you hands on details of Internet Explorer Mobile 6, Android Central brought you a walkthough of buying apps in the Android App Market, and wondered whether Palm would survive long enough to release the Pre. Plenty more happened this week in the smartphone world, naturally, so the thing to do is continue reading to find out what you may have missed this week around the Smartphone Experts network.

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Around SPE for 1 March, 2009

In a sense, it was a calm after the Mobile World Congress storm this week, but we got together and recorded a massive hour-and-a-half-long
Smartphone Experts Roundtable Podcast to discuss all the news from Windows Mobile 6.5 to the Ovi app Store to Apple’s “absent presence” at the show.

If you didn’t realize, SPE has four podcasts for your listening pleasure: the Podcast, the Phone Different Podcast (with the occasional iPhone LIVE! show), the PalmCast on both TreoCentral and, and finally the WMExperts Podcast. The bold and daring may even want to try the (still in Beta, since it’s based on the somewhat unreliable Yahoo Pipes feature) Smartphone Experts Combined Podcast Feed, which puts all four podcasts into a single feed — also available in iTunes, if that’s how you roll.

Now for the roundup of the week’s news!

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Around SPE for 22 Feb, 2009

It’s been quite a week for SPE, we wrapped up a bootload of live coverage of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. With details on Windows Mobile 6.5, the new HTC Magic Android phone, the new Ovi Application Store at Nokia Experts, and even a sneak preview of a GPS App for the iPhone, we were chock full of breaking mobile news.

This week we’ll be bringing you more of the same, of course. Be sure you are paying special attention to, as this will be a HUGE week for CrackBerry Nation. This coming Thursday, February 26th, the site officially turns 2 years old!! And when turns another year older, it doesn’t mean a day of celebrating, it means a week birthday festivities! Whether you’re a BlackBerry owner or not you’ll want to stay glued to the site for great contests, deals and giveaways each and every day. If you’re not a daily visitor but want to follow the action, you can always subscribe to the CrackBerry RSS feeds or follow the site on Twitter at @crackberry.

Speaking of giveaways, time is running out for your chances to win a Nokia N85 or E71 at Nokia Experts, so be sure to head over and learn how to enter this week.

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Around SPE for 9 February, 2009

After the completion of the hectic Smartphone Round Robin, your faithful bloggers at Smartphone Experts decided to keep things moving along at a heady clip. In the past week we have published somewhere in the neighborhood of 175 stories, from accessory and software reviews to news to the latest rumors. That’s a lot to keep track of, so we’re bringing back our regular “Around SPE” feature to give you a quick summary of what you may have missed in a format that’s more helpful than just a list of links.

In that vein, our biggest recent news is that our newest sister site, Nokia Experts is starting strong with a launch contest. If you would like to earn some chances at winning a Nokia E71 or Nokia N85, make sure to enter the contest each week. There are two weeks left to go, so check back as each week we’re changing up how you can enter to win!

There’s plenty more smartphone news you may have missed, so read on!

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