Sygic releases Mobile Maps 10 for the Nokia N900

Sygic releases Mobile Maps 10 for the Nokia N900I previously wrote up my first impressions of Sygic Mobile Maps 9 for the N900 and covered most of my thoughts in the 13 minute video. I found the application to be decent, but could not recommend it for EUR49.99 based on the fact that it kept jumping around the map, required too many button presses to navigate around, and did not seem to be quite ready for primetime. I was going to follow-up with a full review, but did not find the software useful enough to do so. Thus, I was pleased to receive an email this morning that Sygic just released Mobile Maps 10 for the Nokia N900 and I will be taking a closer look at it over the next few days with a full review coming here so you can decide if it is now worth the

According to the email I received Mobile Maps 10 for the N900 includes the following:

  • The app has new look and feel.
  • While all maps and content are stored on the phone, we added online sharing of speed traps or road incident locations and within few weeks also real-time traffic.
  • Navigation to addresses stored in phone’s Contacts is available.
  • Scrolling through menus, lists and map zooming supports touchscreen gestures so that no buttons are needed when using Mobile Maps.
  • Recent state or country is stored automatically, new destination entry is easier and non-relevant cities from various states will not pop up. If you want to pick a destination from a country other than the one you used the last time, just tap Back button on the keyboard to display the list of all available countries.
  • Maps have also received an upgrade. Now with more detail, safer and easier navigation.

There is a detailed upgrade process for those with Mobile Maps 9 that includes a few manual tasks that are just fine with us geeks who like to tinker, but may be a bit of an issue for newbies.  The download for US maps and the application was 1.28GB so it took quite some time to download the update. Make sure to follow the directions specifically to complete the upgrade process.

I will post some quick first thoughts here with an update after I get the huge download to finish up and get the update installed. Nokia did upgrade the Ovi Maps client for the N900 in the last firmware update, but you still cannot get offline maps with Ovi Maps so this is one area where Sygic Mobile Maps 10 is better for sure.


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Brett Q.
August 5, 2010


You can side load the offline maps for Ovi Maps using a desktop. You can go through the maps loader or manually load the map files using Mass Storage mode.

See here for more details:

August 6, 2010

You can definitely upload new maps and use them with the Ovi Maps application on the N900. I’ve already done it several times.

Matthew Miller
August 6, 2010

I had no idea you could side load them now onto the N900. Brett, care if I create a post here on this with thanks given to you for sending in the tip?

August 7, 2010

Go for it, Matt! It is a great free alternative. I have all of the US maps loaded just because the N900 has so much free drive space.

zet ka
August 7, 2010

yes,you can download maps. But you can,t search for places offline. So i am thinking of bying the Sygic Maps.

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September 22, 2010

I Adhy, I’m from Indonesia and my users Nokia N900. I’m confused use of mobile maps 10, please help me how to use. How do I get maps for mobile maps ovi maps for 10 or so that I can menggunkan offline. Thank you for your help.

October 30, 2010

Maybe you should make changes to the webpage subject Sygic releases Mobile Maps 10 for the Nokia N900 | Nokia Experts to more suited for your blog post you write. I liked the the writing even sononetheless.

January 22, 2011

could i know are there maps for malaysia mobile maps?


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