Struck by the Curse of Silence? Get SMS Cleaner installed now

If you are a Nokia fan, then you have probably heard of the Curse of Silence SMS exploit that was revealed at the beginning of January. The virus could affect S60 devices with version 2.6 to 3.1 and after you received this SMS it would disable you from receiving any further text messages. The only way to resolve the issue was to perform a hard recent and start over again with your device. So, it didn’t completely destroy your device and it should have still allowed you to perform a backup of data before resetting. Then again, if you did a full backup then maybe it would still be there.

According to the Nokia Users site Nokia took some fairly quick action and is now providing you with a FREE solution to protect your S60 device. The application, SMS Cleaner, is designed to be used after you have received the Curse of Silence SMS message. If you receive the virus, then you should run the program and after it runs the application will be uninstall itself and your phone will reset.

It is sad that people spend their time putting together virus just to harm others. You would think these people would rather do something to help out the world, rather than destroy it. Maybe with the current economic situation hackers will have less idle time to spend hacking and spend more time working and contributing to society.

BTW, were any readers actually affected by this SMS virus? My devices seem to be safe so far.


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