Stream Slacker Radio to your Nokia N900

Recently, I wrote about using 3rd party applications to stream Pandora and on your Nokia N900. Previously, I took a look at streaming music via the web browser and at that time I mentioned I was unable to get my favorite streaming client, Slacker, up and running due to pop-up and other issues. I figured it was time to try it out again since there have been updates to the N900 since my last test and I am pleased to say that Slacker works like a champ on the Nokia N900 default web browser!

Stream Slacker Radio to your Nokia N900

I think the reason it works now for me is that I first signed in to Slacker Radio Plus, which is a subscription-based option that removes audio and banner ads that may have been causing the problems for me before. Slacker Radio Plus also gives you unlimited song skips, complete lyrics, unlimited song requests, and a mini player. You can subscribe for $4.99/month billed monthly or $47.88/year (works out to $3.99/month). Slacker states they have four times the amount of content over other leading streaming clients and I personally find their service to be the best for me.


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