What happens when you strap a Nokia N8 to a rocket?

I posted about the Nokia N8 Producers contest a couple of weeks ago and have since created three video entries, with a couple more planned before the end of the deadline. The one that carried the most risk and that I thought most people would enjoy was the one I just posted today when I strapped my orange Nokia N8 onto a custom, experimental model rocket that I built many years ago.

While I embedded the YouTube video of the launch preparation, launch of other rockets, and launch of my orange N8 below, please make sure to visit the N8 Producers official video page and Like the video since I understand that this counts for part of the judging.

I won’t give away what happens when the N8 is launched and I’ll let you check it out in the video. Make sure to watch the end since I had the video camera on the N8 turned on and captured the launch from the rocket’s perspective as well.


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Ms. Jen
January 16, 2011

This, I like, esp. the last 6 or so seconds.

January 17, 2011

The rocket would fail.

Kabouter Plop
January 17, 2011

[On January 17, 2011] nokiafan said:

What happens when you strap a Nokia N8 to a rocket? : The rocket would fail.

+1 !!!

The Nokia N8 is a complete piece of shit: it freezes, fails to boot, slows down, runs out of battery after only 2hrs, fails to track satellites, etc.

I would never travel to space in a Nokia N8, and I would strongly advise anyone to ever buy one.

Nokia N8 = Waste of time & Waste of money !


[…] What happens when you strap a Nokia N8 to a rocket? […]

[…] What happens when you strap a Nokia N8 to a rocket? […]

January 17, 2011

Fun! You have great kids! Thanks for sharing this video.

January 17, 2011

You Mr.Miller are a brave man!

Glad to hear the N8’s “in one piece” :).

@Plop: Having tested the N8 for 2 weeks, read dozens of reviews & know friends who’ve been using it for the past few months; I’ve never heard a complaint of the battery dying in 2hrs. Getting quick sat locks is an issue that plagues all Nokia’s but other than that maybe you have a faulty unit.

Maybe you should get it exchanged for a better experience :).

January 18, 2011

Nice video Matt, nice family. Never launched a rocket, where can you buy one, never seen one at Walmart or any store…

I have an N8 and never crashed, battery is 2 days with moderate usage, very good camera, better than my 9MP dedicated camera, very good voice driving and maps. The only complain: not many apps, but if Sym^3 successful I might learn Qt as well.

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