No other smartphone today can match the Nokia N8 hardware & functions

No other smartphone today can match the Nokia N8 hardware & functionsI have a rather huge audience over on ZDNet so I posted an article I have been thinking about for a while regarding the Nokia N8 and the fact that Nokia put technology and capability in it that is not matched with any other smartphone today. You can read my uncompromising Nokia N8 article and see some of the idiotic discussions that people make who have likely never even tried the Nokia N8.

I am currently using my Nokia N8 and Samsung Galaxy Tab, both on T-Mobile, and have no plans to change to anything else for the foreseeable future. The Nokia E7 does look sweet and if I do anything it will be move to that and pass my N8 to someone else in my family.

Do you agree or disagree with my take on the fabulous N8 hardware specifications and functions?


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December 15, 2010

All related to what you want your phone to, for social media every android device and the iphone are better choices (“Social” on the N8 is a bad joke), Gravity is good, but is not a match for the stock Twitter apps on Android and iOS.

Want mail?, again nokia messaging and MfE are below (a lot below) average capabilities of Blackberry, Android and iOS (I am intentionally leaving the keyboard discussion out of the table).

Want apps, again Android and iOS are far better choices, overall speed and performance, again Android and iOS are better choices, browser, one more time the N8 is behind the pack.

If you want a good camera, OK then this phone is the best.

I was using S60 devices since long long ago, since Nokia 3650, the last the N97 mini, a friend of mind working for Nokia was so kind to let me play with the N8 when I told him that I was planning to buy one.

Same problems found on the mini still present on the N8, less than stellar performance, but the worst part was to discover that the email app was even worst than on the mini. I used it a month, after my “quality” time with it I bought an iPhone 4.

I am very sorry, I love Nokia, but NOKIA today is equal to old tech, is like comparing DOS vs Windows 7, DOS was super reliable, but the key word is “WAS”.

December 15, 2010

i have to disagree with you my friend. i have used ios and android and ofcourse symbian and maemo. and the best ones are maemo and Symbian.
i am not saying the others are not good they r very good and all O/S are reliable for now. The N8 is by far the best phone there is till now. I like the iphone, samsung, HTC, LG and all. But i cant switch from Nokia. I use other phones and i come back to Nokia. Now i am using the N8 and i am very happy with it. In addition Nokia has the best customer service and constant software update.

Man they r all good and still for me Nokia is still #1.
PS: this is my opinion

And now i am waiting for Nokia to release the Meego O/S i cant wait :)

December 15, 2010

I partially agree, that means in terms of hardware yes Nokia N8 is good and far more advanced than any other phones currently in the market. But in terms of software they need to i,prove a lot, for eg: when you browse a huge flash contain website using the nokia in-bult browser then it crashes and exit. The screen orenitation response and lack of full screen browser control’s, age old multi tasking method.. these aspects make me N8 needs and improvement. As news coming in that symbian ^3 will go over a major UI change in 2011 I am expecting that nokia will have to raise from the user experience mkt.

Even though ovi store is clocking 3million downloads the variety of applications and user experience is far far below than the android makt and app store.

Hoping for a better ovi store and very very better UI from NOKIA. (I am currently own a N8, Xperia X10, Ipod Touch 4g, Nokia n900)

Tim Cooper (@UKJeeper)
December 15, 2010

Wow. There are some real hayseeds posting aren’t there?! I mod on AAS and we used to get regular crap like that posted. However i go through and remove the troll and flamebait posts, kicking people off who are just there to get a reaction. I think you (or ZDNet) should too.

As far as the Nate goes, i like it. But not enough to buy it. I currently have owned a Samsung i8910 for the last 18 months. Very much a ‘forgotten’ Symbian phone, but with specs that Nokia wasn’t anywhere near having for sale a year and a 1/2 ago. Compare the specs to the Nokia Smartphones from the last year. N97 Mini, X6. They aren’t even close. The N8 is a better device than the i8910, but it took over a year for Nokia to bring out something comparable.

I’ve tried the N8, and really tried to like it. I’ve used Symbian for over 4 years now. N73, N95, E90, X6, E71/72, i8910. I wanted to continue to like it. But i can’t. The N8 has great hardware, almost every box is checked, but i want a big, useable screen and going from a 3.7″ to a 3.5″ is the wrong way.

Also i am kinda ‘done’ with Symbian as an OS. It’s gotten old and is being left behind. Even the facelift of Symbian 3 is nothing new. More importantly the amount of app development is decreasing as they (the developers) move on to IOS and Android, even WP7 as greener pastures. Part of the problem is that Symbian and Nokia has been spinning their wheels for the last 3 years while they figure out their roadmap. And they still haven’t. The recent choice to bring Symbian back in house will only create more delays to any upcoming development of the OS. When they decide which OS is going on what. S40, S3, Meego. Makes it very hard for developers to get on board when they don’t know which bus to get on. So they go to OS’es with a definite sense of direction.

If the N8 had a 4″ screen and ran Android (no, i am not suggesting Nokia use Android. That WOULD be ‘flogging a dead horse’ ;-)) i’d be all over it. I know the E7 will have a 4″ screen, but it will also have an EDoF camera nd non-expandable storage. And Symbian.

So the phone i have just ordered is a Desire HD. Maybe in 18 months if Nokia has found its traction i’ll be back, but i can’t stay now. Not as things stand.

December 15, 2010

consumers get a lot of options now when it comes to mobile OS. I have to say one that works for you doesn’t necessarily mean it would work for others.

But the Nokia N8+Galaxy Tab combo would be perfect tho 😉

December 15, 2010

It’s depressing, isn’t it? The comments from the trolls and non-users I mean. I have an N8 and agree with your view, Matt. It ain’t perfect but it does everything I need very well.

The camera and Ovi maps were particularly invaluable on holiday in the Canary Islands.

December 16, 2010

WOW! Reading all these comments reminds me of religious debates.

Most of the comments have been about the UI, not the hardware. If Nokia was to make Android and Win7P phones with the quality hardware and penta-band radios, it would make a killing! It still can continue to produce Symbian phones – which are still highly successful – and continue its Meego venture with Intel (which I consider risky, just as HP’s venture with WebOS). Case in point: Samsung has its own OS (BADA), yet it successfully sells Android and Win7P phones – these phones have acquired a great reputation for their HARDWARE! And people choose the OS that fits their needs and wants best.

So Nokia, please, stop fooling yourself in thinking that your Meego is the ONLY right answer – it cannot be. Win7P and Android are here to stay for quite a while and I’d LOVE to see an Android version of the N8 (with a 4″ WSVGA screen please), and I’m sure you’d find tons of buyers in the Win7P camp as well.
Your reputation and strength is in the HARDWARE, not the OS – at least not for smartphones. You can still continue your Meego venture just like Samsung does with its BADA OS…

Dont try to be right, be successful!

December 17, 2010

Interesting article, glad that things are working well for you with the N8. I’m tempted to get one as backup for my iPhone 4 and for the wonderful camera. My last Nokia was an E72 about a year ago, great keyboard but my feelings were that the 3rd party software was poor compared to iOS…I couldn’t find a semi-decent RSS app for it.

December 18, 2010

The N8 is a great ‘phone’, but the greatness stops there. Its a poor ‘smart phone’. It does have some great hardware, and some questionable hardware, but the interface is just terrible. I’ve has 9 symbians, but they lost me when it went ‘touch’. The N97 was dire, really one of the worst smart phones ive ever used and deeply unreliable and cheaply made. The N8 fixes a lot of the problems, but its not enough. Sorry Nokia, but there is a BIG reason Android will out sell Symbian by the end of 2011, and that is that Symbian as a touch OS SUCKS.

December 18, 2010

TAK.. How can it be best? The internet experience is extremely flawed and far worse than that of Android/iOS/WP7. The software is glitchy and occasionally slow. The on-screen keyboard is poor. The home screen is extremely limited, no match whatsoever for the variety of options you get on Android ITs a typically ‘fat’ Nokia. Why cant they make slim and attractive phones?

[…] No other smartphone today can match the Nokia N8 hardware & functions […]

December 19, 2010

I don’t really think the ARM11 (Inexcusable for a phone in this price range in te year 2010) running at 680mhz, the anemic 256MB of RAM and the somewhat low resolution display count as “best hardware”…

[…] No other smartphone today can match the Nokia N8 hardware & functions […]

December 20, 2010

ANYTHING Nokia claims, says, reports, pushes, does shows about, throws money at, or whatever metaphor you choose. Nokia is still Nokia.

So, if one thinks that the N8 HARDWARE has no equal, that’s great… The last time I saw hardware do anything on it’s own was….huumm….. NEVER !!

So go ahead and claim all you want.. Nokia phones today are JUNK with the current Nokia-offered software.

[…] No other smartphone today can match the Nokia N8 hardware & functions […]

[…] No other smartphone today can match the Nokia N8 hardware & functions […]

[…] No other smartphone today can match the Nokia N8 hardware & functions […]

[…] No other smartphone today can match the Nokia N8 hardware & functions […]

[…] No other smartphone today can match the Nokia N8 hardware & functions […]

December 20, 2010

I used for many years some Nokia phones with Symbian. Starting with 6630, then N70 (that was one of the best Nokia phone ever produced), I went also on E65 other great phone, then on 5800, looking for a Touch Screen device with the Symbian OS.
Until the 5800 I was really very satisfied with Nokia phones: great products, perfect for calling, the best RF components but.. the 5800 leaved me very bewildered.
I realized that Symbian is a very old OS compared to iOS, WM and Android.
So I decided to have a look at Android (I don’t like Apple to much). I bought a Samsung Galaxy S and… WOW!! That’s it! A beautiful device, with a wonderful 4” display, very fast, very easy to use, a real e-mail client and browser, lots of apps, etc.
So, even if I think that Nokia has already great products, they don’t suites my needs anymore..
Nokia, I’m sorry I betrayed you but Android is the future

[…] No other smartphone today can match the Nokia N8 hardware & functions […]

[…] No other smartphone today can match the Nokia N8 hardware & functions […]

December 27, 2010

I’ve had plenty of Symbian devices (N95 and N97 were the most recent) – seriously try an Android phone. Its like stepping into the 21st century of smart phone computing.

Yeah my N97 could do everything my Droid X can do, but it was a million times slower, more unstable (and the Droid X is kind of unstable), 10x more clunky ui wise and just more inconvienant all around.

I really doubt (and would be willing to bet money on this statement) the N8 is better than any Android phone.

Yeah it has a better camera, but thats the thing about Nokia phones – they all have one signature feature that doesn’t even matter as a phone (or a smart phone) and that’s it.

January 1, 2011

Anyone who prefers a Symbian to an Android or Iphone must be deeply into sado masochism in a BIG way ! What on earth does the OS offer?? I tried it for a week and nearly went insane..N8, nice face, shame about the brain…LOL

January 19, 2011

i have an n8 and agree in a since that the os isnt as fluid as Android…but with that said people that says symbian is outdated must be really high! outdated in interface yes but in capability? HECK NO! Symbian is the CORNERSTONE of smartphone os! it might not be as optimized for touchscreen but it is quite capable. symbian had bluetooth transfer for YEARS n yet iphone still doesnt just to name one. has anyone actually played with the nokia n8? i’ve had for a 2 months and i’m discovering new things with it everyday! for instance it has integrated tethering (not something as a new feature but I bet you guys didn’t know that) push email is VERY simplistic. I mean I guess I’m a simple guy who needs a simple phone that can do everything. I dont need that colorful ui. Just a phone with great quality calling,gps with great maps and free naviagation, camera that is comparable to digital cameras, instant push email and internet access. What more do you want? What more do you need?!?! and btw symbian is a open source now so any apps can be ported over to this os so long as there are developers that are gonna port it over

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