Smartphone Round Robin conclusion and final thoughts

It was just over a year ago when I followed all the Smartphone Experts coverage of the Smartphone Round Robin and then contacted Dieter to ask if I could start up a Nokia site so that Nokia could be part of the next Round Robin and it is a bit surreal now that I have completed my first Round Robin event. I want to thank Dieter and all the other Smartphone Experts editors for allowing me to participate and being so open and willing to give S60 and Maemo a try on various devices. I think I opened up the eyes of quite a few people who were previously unfamiliar with Nokia’s offerings since they have such little influence here in North America. The Smartphone Round Robin is now over and the winner chosen here on Nokia Experts has been notified. It will be interesting to see which device David chooses as his prize and I personally recommend the Nokia N900 for T-Mobile and Nokia E72 or N97 mini for AT&T.

Smartphone Round Robin

Since I write my ZDNet blog I do get the chance to use many of these different operating systems and find strengths in each one of them. In addition to Nokia, I am currently primarily using a Google Android device (the Nexus One) with my T-Mobile SIM. Another BlackBerry Bold 9700 device arrived yesterday and I almost bought one for myself last night before I showed some restraint as I hold out for the T-Mobile HTC HD2 Windows Mobile device that should be coming very soon. I am also testing a Verizon Pre Plus and am pleased to have had the opportunity to use it since it helped me make the decision to not pursue a webOS device at this time. My personal iPhone 3GS gets more useful every week with the extreme number and high quality of applications that appear in the App Store. As you can see, I am impacted by every different mobile operating system on a regular basis and honestly you really cannot go wrong by picking any of them as your primary device. I couldn’t say this a few years ago, but every one of the mobile operating systems has come a long ways over the years and it is awesome that we all have such amazing choices. Each of us has different needs and desires so you can’t tell others that their choice is wrong since it is personal. Most people who read the Smartphone Experts sites are mobile enthusiasts and are passionate about their preferred devices, but don’t forget that they are just phones and there is no need to get angry or too fired up at others who have different preferences than you do. The number of people using smartphones is still quite small and there will continue to be amazing growth over the years with room for all of these platforms to find their niche and satisfy consumers.

I also wanted to thank all of the readers from every site who were very helpful and kind when I made posts on the various forums and asked questions about each platform. Without the enthusiastic readers we would not be able to maintain these sites and write about our passions and interests. I encourage you to tell your family and friends about the sites too since the are helpful to readers with devices from each platform.

The Smartphone Experts editors are wonderful people and I was very happy that Dieter brought us all together for a weekend since it gave me the chance to meet each one in person and get to know them better. With a common passion for smartphones we all have much in common and it was an awesome weekend of geeking out with phones that I hope to be a part of for years to come.

Lastly, I wanted to thank my friend Mickey Papillon for helping us out with the Smartphone Round Robin podcasts. Mickey knows more about the technology behind the cellular networks than anyone I know of and is an awesome smartphone resource. I highly recommend you listen to his The Cell Phone Junkie podcasts and subscribe to his TCPJ Unlocked shows too. He served as an incredible facilitator for the Smartphone Round Robin and produced some very high quality shows that enhanced the entire event.

And the Winners of the 6 Smartphones are…!

And now for the part you’ve all really been waiting for… the winners! Just for posting on the Round Robin forum threads across the Smartphone Experts Network of sites, we gave members the chance to win a new smartphone! Each of the participating sites is giving away a phone to a member who got their lucky post picked from among the thousands posted… and here is the Nokia Experts winner:

Nokia Experts: David

And here are our other winners:

Android Central: droid00 iLovemy_bb skabeer

TiPb: DRTigerlilly!

WMExperts: dougsyo

Congrats to the winners! Note to the winners on getting their prize: It’s Mobile World Congress craziness right now… so you’ll have to wait until it’s all over at the end of next week. You’ll receive an email from Dieter Bohn folllowing up with you to pick your prize and work out the shipping logistics. Thanks for your patience and congrats again!


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February 13, 2010

congrats David…

February 14, 2010

Happy birthday NokiaExperts, and congrats David…

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