Smartphone press get hands-on with the Nokia N8

Smartphone press gets hands-on with the Nokia N8There appear to be a ton of people pre-ordering the new Apple iPhone 4 today as both the Apple and AT&T online stores are having trouble processing orders. I started the process just to see what the monthly AT&T fees would be, but after the store locked up I gave up and still have no intention of buying one for myself. I already have an iPhone 3GS and rarely use it, especially since I have an iPad that I prefer to use with the large display. I am most likely getting a new Nokia E73 Mode and then have my eye on an orange or blue Nokia N8 to use with T-Mobile USA.

Several online mobile writers were given the chance to get some hands-on time with the Nokia N8 over the last couple of days so I wanted to share links to their reports for you to enjoy. I especially enjoyed the long 8 minute video that my pal Rafe recorded over on All About Symbian. Needless to say, I am VERY excited about the N8 and can’t wait for it to hit the streets.

Anyone find any other hands-on previews from the last couple of days?

Unfortunately, I do not live in one of the areas where they were demoing the phone so I still have yet to see the N8 in person myself. It seems almost universal that people like the hardware. The Symbian folks also like the improvements in the OS, but acknowledge Symbian^3 doesn’t show major improvements over existing Symbian S60 5th or 3rd Editions. Then again, for those of us who like the existing Symbian interface this may be a good thing. For those comparing it to Android, iPhone, and webOS the interface looks to be a bit disappointing. If Symbian^3 on the N8 is better than what I have on the N97 mini or E73 Mode, then I will be a happy man since I don’t need or want my Nokia device to be an Android or iPhone smartphone.


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June 16, 2010

I came across many posts across the internet with people bashing the interface. What do they want? An iPhone copycat with limited features and a shallow OS? Do they want an Android device with a home screen for icons and everything else thrown into a menu? I don’t understand the American market – and I live here.
The customization of Symbian devices tops that of iPhone and Android – Windows and Blackberry aren’t even close. Everyone has a beef with Symbian. If you don’t like menus, there are widgets for the home screen. If you do like menus, you can organize to your heart’s content – something iPhone lovers have been requesting (but claimed it wasn’t important).
I really hope the e73 mode can change the mind share of US customers (referring to your post on ZDNet). The ability to take Symbian and let it work for you, without the need for hundreds of apps, is nice. I just hope people in the US open their eyes, and I applaud T-Mobile for taking a leap.

Matthew Miller
June 16, 2010

Nice comment Matt. I would think people would want different looking and functioning operating systems too. Do you really want a single choice that all looks and acts the same? I know I don’t and love that I can jump between multiple devices and operating systems as my mood fits me.

Osama Janakat
June 16, 2010

Will the Nokia N8 be supported by T-mobile 3G network??

Matthew Miller
June 16, 2010

Yes, it is the first pentaband 3G device with T-Mobile USA and AT&T support. The new iPhone is pentaband, but the 5th band is for some other country.

June 17, 2010

eher, I have to admit that iPhone 4 is really a charming phone!
with the multitasking, two camera, chat facetime, App Folders for Sorting Apps
, iBooks, Game Center and take lovely pictures, with the iOS, nearly a match made in heaven!
And this article “New iPhone HD sdk to get 720p HD video recording”(located in ifunia iphone column) totally shocked me!
But I will stick with my Pearl 9105! It’s my lover now, I won’t leave it!

June 17, 2010

@Jane – The problem with the iPhone is that it isn’t really multitasking. It’s the same as all the other iPhone OS’s, but with a quick menu. It’s the same as if you hit the home key and went back to another app. This was proven when Steve Jobs used an eBay app, I believe, and the time had to update, which showed lack of multitasking. Currently, the only real multitasking is still controlled by Apple and the APIs they allow developers to use. Everything you mentioned has been available on other smartphones for years. The fact that people think Apple is inventing this stuff is just shocking from a technology buff standpoint.

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