Smartphone Experts Roundtable 5

SPE Roundtable

Join Dieter, Matthew, Rene, and Kevin as they discuss all of the insanely great new smartphones that have been announced and released in the past month. On the docket:

(Update: links and player fixed.)

Show notes after the break.


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2 Comments to Smartphone Experts Roundtable 5

June 25, 2009

I can’t wait to listen all these different points of veiws. This should be interesting..

Bas Heetebrij
June 28, 2009

Hi Matt!

Loved this podcast. You guys should do this more often.

I hear you have used both the new iphone as the N97. Would you mind explaining how the camera – stills and video – compare?

Also, though it is obvious that the iphone is better, could you do a piece on the browser, comparing the N97 with the iPhone?

Love the blog… keep it up!

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