Shazam now available in Ovi Store, it is not free though

Shazam now available in Ovi Store, it is not free thoughOne of my favorite applications on my T-Mobile G1 and iPhone is Shazam. This application lets you use your phone to identify music that is playing so you can see who the artist and album are so you can order the song or find it later to listen to again. Today, Shazam announced that the application is available in the Nokia Ovi Store for $4.99. Unlike AT&T’s monthly subscription service for this, labeled MusicID on the E71x, this is a one time fee. It is interesting that this is $5 on the Ovi Store since it is free for the iPhone and Google Android platform. There is also a free limited version for BlackBerry owners.

Shazam has a database of over eight million songs to help identify just about every song you may listen to. I found it on my Nokia 5800 after browsing around since it did not come up in any searches. It is available now for S60 5th Edition devices and is scheduled to launch on S60 3rd Edition devices within two weeks. It is available now in the UK, US, Australia, and Singapore with other Western European countries to follow in September.

I haven’t purchased it yet since I have it on a couple other devices for free, but may try it out soon and post a review here for you all.

I am encouraged a bit by seeing it come to the S60 platform though since this is one of those applications that tend to appear on software application stores when they launch. Other applications like this are Facebook (we just received that yesterday too), Google Maps (we have that), and weather apps (we have some like Weatherbug).


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Brad Barbaza
June 2, 2009

I’ve had a version of this on my E71 for a few months now. It required a simple “hack” to get it to load. But considering that I’ve been using it for free (and enjoying it!), I feel obligated to pay for this. I’ll test it for you!

That is, assuming I can find it. I know you said 3rd edition isn’t out yet, but I can’t even find the 5th edition version on the site when I have the 5800 selected as my device. Maybe the web site lags the on-device store?

My guess all along has been that Shazzam is free on the iPhone and Android because both of those devices have music stores. On the iPhone, after finding a song, you are asked if you’d like to purchase it on iTunes. Some profit sharing it likely going on there.

Another odd thing is that I can search for and find Qik on the web site but the app disappears once I log in and have the E71 set as my device. But I know it’s compatible with the E71 because I have it! Weird. I emailed Nokia and surprisingly got a personal acknowledgment email the next day. We’ll see. Maybe there is a specialized Nokia E71 version required due to the 2 cameras (you can use either!) and the landscape display.

June 2, 2009

why does a website named nokia expert always seem behind on the major nokia news? while every gadget blog has at least mention nokias announcment about the n97, this website remains quiet…?

Matthew Miller
June 2, 2009

Sorry Ali, I have a regular day job and am actually out here in Hawaii surveying a ship 10+ hours a day and have NO phone or data access except in my hotel at night. I run Nokia Experts by myself and haven’t received a penny for doing so yet and do it out of my enjoyment of the platform and my desire to share my enthusiasm with the world. This may be a slow news week for me, but I’ll try to keep you updated as much as I can.

While this site will provide news at times, I think it is more targeted to helping out individuals with their devices and issues, along with detailed reviews and experiences using Nokia devices.

June 3, 2009

Oh I see, thanks for clarifying thats up. I do enjoy the posts you write up.

[…] Shazam available in the Ovi Store […]

[…] Shazam available in the Ovi Store […]

[…] Shazam available in the Ovi Store […]

[…] Shazam available in the Ovi Store […]

June 17, 2009

Do you know why has Shazam ID been removed from the Ovi store?

Is there another place to download the app?

June 23, 2009

Hey guys, whats going on with the shazam on ovi store, there is no such thing, do you know why???

[…] Shazam available in the Ovi Store […]

[…] Sh&#97z&#97m &#97v&#97il&#97ble in the Ovi Sto&#114e […]

[…] could find their music later. I started using Shazam on the iPhone and this has helped a lot. As I mentioned back in June when the Ovi Store launched you could find ShazamID on the store, but it was not free. I read over […]

December 21, 2009

hey, I have a nokia E71 but I cant find shazam for it could u plz help me?

February 14, 2010

This is the first so called ‘smart phone’ i’ve ever owned, a nokia n95 8gb (3rd replacement handset) never again will i buy an expensive nokia, they are crap. I feel totally ripped off. No java script, no flash player 9 or 10, no push email. Total junk. Next time either an i-phone, an android based phone or windows based such as a samsung or htc

November 29, 2011

Hi there, do you know if Shazam will be available on the N9?
Also there are a lot of apps that aren’t available on N9, do you think these will be added?

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