Shazam now free on the Ovi Store

Shazam now free on the Ovi StoreI am terrible at identifying music artists when listening to the radio and I can’t tell you the number of times I had to try to scramble to find a pen and paper to write down an artist so I could find their music later. I started using Shazam on the iPhone and this has helped a lot. As I mentioned back in June when the Ovi Store launched you could find ShazamID on the store, but it was not free. I read over on Symbian Guru that you can now get ShazamID for free in the Ovi Store until 30 November.

In case you are not familiar with the application, ShazamID allows you to hold your phone up to a speaker and then “tag” the music. Your phone “listens” to the song for about 30 seconds and then connects to the internet, a data connection is needed, to figure out the song and artist. On various mobile operating systems results are returned with links to iTunes, Amazon, etc. so you can actually buy the song as well. I have not tried it on my N97 yet to see if there are any of these purchase options on S60 devices. You can usually also then share that result via email or text so you can find the artist and song later too.

Have you tried it yet? Let us know how it works please.


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Jason Black
August 18, 2009

Matt – I just started playing with Shazam on my Nokia N97, and I am quite impressed by how well it works. It certainly has a nice “WOW” factor when you see the results so quickly. I will likely use it on a regular basis for ‘discovery’ – and memory – purposes.

A few nits: In the U.S., the link the Nokia Music Store doesn’t help much … yet! And, the ‘Try This’ suggestions that I have looked at so far haven’t been anything too closely aligned with what I would be interested in. Even better would be if I could hear a clip of the suggestions that are picked up in that feature.

But otherwise, the tagging is amazing – and really useful. Good app.

August 22, 2009

I also tried it on my N97. When I first downloaded it, I happened to be playing a CD by the Jazzyfatnastees (an indie soul group) and I tried it then. I was pleasantly surprised that it quickly recognized the song.

Tim Njiru
October 22, 2009

I love music and when a good song plays, I more often than not ask who the artist and the Album is… in many instances, I have found myself to be annoying to the DJ whenever my favorite track is played. Those days are now over.

I recently discovered the Shazam Music identifier Software for my Nokia N97 and this is by far the greatest software development that has dazzled my intellect. With the Shazam on my phone I need not bother the DJ or ask. The software picks the track and lyrics.. What happens there after is a detailed report that comes out in seconds showing Track, Artist, Album and etc…. Cool Stuff.. I give it 5 stars ***** for this invention..

So…..gone are the days When I’d walk into the club or just a party and become a Musical nuisance. The Sharzam on my Nokia N97 is just a big plus for a music enthusiast just like me….
You can get the same on the Nokia E71,Nokia E75 express music 5800 and other Models that have the Download facility…

December 13, 2011


December 13, 2011

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