How to: Setup Exchange in the new Nokia Messaging application

I posted my initial thoughts on the Nokia E75 and wanted to share with you how to setup your Exchange server since it took me over 20 minutes to figure out that Mail For Exchange was integrated in the new Nokia Messaging application with the settings for Calendar, Contacts, and To Dos hidden even deeper in the operating system.

If you are reading this then you now know that MFE is integrated so you won’t have to spend time downloading MFE through the Download utility or Nokia Business website. You won’t find MFE as a separate utility or application like you may have seen on earlier devices. To start off with launch the email setup wizard with the first step to enter your email address and then password. You will then be prompted to select the email type (Exchange or POP/IMAP). You then enter server specific info and follow the steps to get email up and running. Your email should now be up and running. So how do we get the rest of the Exchange data to sync up?

Go to General settings and select Email. Global settings let you set how email appears (number of lines, preview, dividers, etc.). By selecting MFE, you can then customize the Mailbox, What to sync, and When to sync.

nokiamessagetutor1 nokiamessagetutor2


Scrolling down to Personal Information Management and opening it up gives you a page with Applications label on it. Select and open this up and you will see you now have the ability to setup your Calendar, Contacts, and To-do apps. These are the same type of settings you see in MFE on other devices.


nokiamessagetutor6 nokiamessagetutor8


nokiamessagetutor9 nokiamessagetutor13

You can also access these same settings mentioned above by selecting the Email utility stored on your device.


I used to bounce back and forth between MFE and RoadSync, but it looks like MFE may have just beat RoadSync with this latest Nokia client due in large part to the following utility. You can go to the Email utility and select to search your Exchange server for a contact. Once you find a contact using the Directory utility you can choose to save the person to your Contacts application, make a voice call, send a text message, send an email, send a meeting request, or send an audio message. The ability to send a meeting request is something I have only seen on Windows Mobile devices in the past and with this capability I WILL be using the E75 even more than ever before.

UPDATE: I just downloaded Nokia Messaging version 1.1 from the Nokia Email site onto my E71. As you go through the Nokia Email setup wizard you have the option to add a Corporate email account and then MFE settings are prompted for in the next few displays. I thought MFE may have been integrated like we see on the E75, but after you get a bit further the latest MFE client is downloaded and installed so the MFE integration is not part of version 1.1. In the About section on the E75, Nokia Messaging appears as version 2.0 so it looks like 2.0 is where MFE gets integrated. I have no information on when this version will be available for download to existing devices.


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April 9, 2009

But… Is MSExchange sync supported only by E75 new email client, or by new Nokia Messaging client (downloadable from NokiaLabs site) too?

I truly hope I will be able to use these new features on my E71!


Matthew Miller
April 9, 2009

MFE is present in the E75 Nokia Messaging client, which is shown as version 2.0 in the About section. The latest version available to download and install to the E71 and other devices is version 1.1 ( Version 1.1 does support up to 10 IMAP subfolders (versus the previous 5 folder limit) and HTML email. MFE is not integrated in the 1.1 release though.

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April 16, 2009

Such experties might help me know why I can access my Good messaging( over e71 but not e75. installed fine, but does nothing. It just goes back to previous screen after giving “Starting Up” message.

April 16, 2009

Does any one know if the corporate mail option is available on the n95 also? I have the option to add corporate mail but when i try to add it i get a message stating something like, additional corporate email addresses are not supported at this time. i have no other exchange email setup at the moment.

April 26, 2009

“You will then be prompte to select the email type (Exchange or POP/IMAP). “

Since yesterday i spend a lot of time with my new e75 and i am happy to found and read this article.

But my phone asjed only for name and password and not exchange / pop. I have reset the phone…this will change nothing. If any one know the réason, i will be happy! Thx

April 28, 2009

I observe the same as Peter: email setup never asks for POP/IMAP/Exchange, and gives no chance to enter any information beyond email address, username and password. Very unhappy.

April 28, 2009

The Exchange capability is only for Nokia Messaging 2.0, which is currently only available on the Nokia E75. The latest version of Nokia Messaging that is available for download for existing devices is version 1.1.

On my E75 after I enter my email address and password, Nokia Messaging understood this was not a standard Gmail address or anything so I was given options. I wonder if your E75 has an older version of Nokia Messaging loaded on it? I would think it would have the latest version though since messaging is a major focus of the E75.

April 29, 2009

I have spoken to nokia. the first guy doent know the e75 and the new messaging. the second was smarter. he told mr to format my e75. after i have done it, my e75 ask me all the things matthew wrote and i can use it. with best regards from düsseldorf, germany !

April 30, 2009

I am having the same problems. No screen to choose for Exchange. How do you format the E75?


May 3, 2009

i have an e75, setting up mfe was simple and works immediately. It doesnt default to html view of the emails though…just a html link at the top….is there a setting?

KTM Racer
May 14, 2009


Just setting up a E75 for a colleague, using Exchange, I can send mail O.K, but I can’t seem to sync existing mail, I have set it to “Sync Email” & to “remove e.m older than 2 weeks”, but still can’t see anything in the inbox ?

Any ideas ?


May 17, 2009

I have MfE and Nokia Messaging seperate, and I like them, but Nokia Messaging doesnt sync automatically, and doesnt push mails if I write once.

And I do not have “send meeting req.” as you can see on this pic:

Any idea?
All my Contacts/Calendar and Tasks are synced correctly with the corporate exchange server, but I cannot send meeting requests.


May 27, 2009

I finally, after several hard resets, succeeded in getting the phone to prompt to select the email type (Exchange or POP/IMAP). Can read my emails now (although synching them takes minutes rather than seconds). But contacts and calendar do not sync at all :(

Well, relief to know that I did all settings right after reading Matt’s post: the phone just is so buggy that its better as a hammer than as a phone…


May 28, 2009

I dont see the:
“Personal Inform. Man…” item. In my menu. Is is possibly because of using Nokia Messaging or a German E75?? Could you please help on this

June 15, 2009

Hi. Does Nokia Messaging on the E75 support multiple Exchange accounts?

Matthew Miller
June 15, 2009

Nope, the ONLY mobile phone I have seen that supports multiple Exchange accounts is the new Palm Pre. Even Windows Mobile does not allow this.

June 15, 2009

Thanks for the reply Matthew. So I can’t get my office mails through MFE and sync my contacts to Google (with Google Sync) at the same time. (pls correct me if I’m wrong on this)

Matthew Miller
June 15, 2009

Acidz, I see what you are asking now since Google Sync does use the Exchange back end to sync. I have to say I haven’t tried it myself, but believe you can use both MFE and Google Sync and hope that other readers may be able to chime in. I would be a bit concerned about contact duplication though, especially if you have a lot of contacts. Sorry, I can’t help you out with this issue.

October 8, 2009

Nokia E75 and have setup my exchange account and marked all the settings in the personal info manager. but it still does not sync my contacts and calendar. email is working fine. any ideas?

November 6, 2009

i want format to my nokia e75 without lock code.
i lost my lock code.
my phone is automatically swich offed then it is repeted
what troble it is.
pls replay me

Jaromir Bartak
November 23, 2009

Solution for Peter April 26, 2009
But my phone asjed only for name and password and not exchange / pop. I have reset the phone…this will change nothing. If any one know the réason, i will be happy! Thx

If you have such problem try this:

It seems to work wrong with some domains. There is problem with recognition of the type of mail so mail client doesnt offer “select type of mail”.
Set fake email address with fake domain and fake password. E.G.: “abc@cde.fgh” It works for me.

November 24, 2009

Thanks Jaromir, this worked for me. Had to go back to the settings and give the right settings for my ISP, but then at last it worked. The wizard would only give me POPmail… Nokia, please fix this! It is very strange to have to use a workaround like this.

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