S60 browser 7.1 found in N86 8MP and N97 help it excel

We all saw in Rafe’s recent browser comparison that the Nokia N86 8MP led all other S60 devices in most cases. It turns out there is a perfectly valid reason for this and that is that the S60 browser in this device is version 7.1. This version is available now on selected S60 5th Edition and 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2 devices and is based on WebKit 525. It is available now on the Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia 6730 classic, Nokia N86 8MP device, Nokia E52 messaging device, Nokia E55 messaging device, and Nokia E72 devices. I never thought about checking the browser version on my N97, but see it listed at 7.1.13841 so it seems the N97 also has the latest web browser.

Features highlighted in this version include full page rendering, Adobe Flash Lite 3 support, page overview, visual history (one of my favorite features in the S60 browser), and more.


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July 23, 2009

aw, no e71/x compatibility? don’t forget about just yet, nokia. we like updates, too.

Brad Barbaza
July 23, 2009

Interesting that the E72 is listed even though it’s not out yet! It does support some type of kinetic scrolling too.

August 13, 2009

Page overview and visual history are on the old browser too.

Does the 5730 have the latest browser?

Just got a 5800 the other day – the lack of a virtual cursor means I can’t navigate one of my favourite sites which I can do on my otherwise much inferior E71 ! I cant seem to select a tab only (‘Explore’, ‘Records’ Etc) without also clicking it and that page loading. Anyone know how to do it please?!

August 13, 2009

Favourite site being warp.net

October 26, 2009

i updated my Nokia N86 8MP and started to serve the web first it was as fast as my laptop mybe even faster but jammed ..!! and even to the recent moment can log the web using it ,, such a losers those in nokia developers

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