Another risky endeavor, putting MeeGo 1.1 on your N900

OK, let’s start this off by making sure you know that MeeGo 1.1 is intended for developers only to try on their N900. I assume no risk for your N900 if you decide to try out MeeGo yourself. The instructions on MeeGo Experts don’t look too bad, but since I am not a developer I am not going to try it without some more research to ensure I know what I am doing before I give it a try. Any readers out there get MeeGo up and running on their N900?


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October 29, 2010

Well i tried installing meego on to my n900, and was able to successfully proceed till the multiboot option.

I even was successfully in installing the meego os to my sd card, but end up where its was not booting to meego os.

Well its bit diffcult to do, but will publish a complete guide on how to install the os in ease.

October 29, 2010

Wel people who are trying out this steps please ensure that you download the 0.1 (truckstop) release of Image writer for windows becasue the 0.2 (maddog) release, has an know bug which fails in writing the img file to the sd card.

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