Review: SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 for Symbian S60 5th Edition

SPB Software was one of the first places I used to visit for optimizing my Windows Mobile device and turning it into the device I wanted. Spb Software has come a long way over the last couple of years and now has software for all the major smartphone platforms, including Symbian. One of the foundational applications that I used on all of my Windows Mobile devices prior to HTC’s TouchFLO UI (and sometimes even in place of this) was SPB Mobile Shell. I was very pleased to receive the news last week that SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 was coming to Symbian S60 5th Edition and is now available for $29.95.

If you are familiar with SPB Mobile Shell on Windows Mobile then you know how much customization and functionality is in this application so I figured it was a bit easier to show this off with a video so I have the YouTube video I created below to walk you through the software. I also included an image gallery below of several screenshots, but there is even more than that available and I recommend you at least give the free trial a chance if you are at all interested in customizing the main user interface of your S60 5th Edition device. I personally tested it out on a Nokia N97 mini.

Installation and initial setup

The install file is quite large at about 7 MB, but since it is a user interface for the device I installed it right into the internal memory location on the N97 mini. It ran perfectly and I never experienced any lockups or freezes, even though I was testing a pre-release candidate.

You can install and then launch SPB Mobile Shell and then just start using it with the default settings. I imagine some people may do this, but the reason to use an application like this is to fully customize the user experience to your personal tastes and I doubt there are any two exact same SPB Mobile Shell setups across the spectrum of users.

Key features

As you can see in my video above, there is a ton of customizable functionality in SPB Mobile Shell and the software gives you a fresh device while we wait for Symbian^3. Here is a list of the widgets that are included with SPB Mobile Shell 3.5:
  • Shortcut to apps
  • Photo Contact
  • Wireless Control Switches
  • Battery
  • Phone profile
  • Analog clock
  • Digital clock
  • Tasks
  • Picture frame
  • Birthdays
  • Bluetooth/WiFi/Flight mode
  • Emails/SMS & MMS/Missed call
  • Backlight
  • Alarms
  • Agenda/Calendar
  • Weather, 5 day forecast and current weather conditions
  • Launcher
  • SPB Menu
  • Contacts
  • Photo contacts
  • Smart search
  • Call log
  • Contacts carousel
  • Home screen backgrounds
  • Skins
There are two main components of SPB Mobile Shell, including Professional Home and Lifestyle Home and you can easily switch between the two by simply flicking upwards or downwards on the display. This works if you have both enabled, but you can also just choose to use one if you never use the other. Each of these components is customizable to your liking and gives you access to many types of glanceable information and the ability to launch utilities and applications quickly.

Using SPB Mobile Shell 3.5

SPB Mobile Shell is a UI built on top of the S60 5th Edition interface and you can always switch back to the Symbian UI if you desire, but I think after you customize your device you will stick with Mobile Shell 3.5.

SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 supports OpenGL and provides a 3D carousel of your contacts, which is pretty slick and some nice eye candy. Even though the functionality can be overwhelming at times, keep in mind the software is focused on multiple homescreens, widgets, photo contacts/speed dial, and an application launcher. At times you can get lost down in the menus, but I found out on my Windows Mobile devices that you eventually gain a full understanding of the application and setup and then have a tough time trying anything else when your device is customized and optimized for you.


SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 is a wonderful way to customize your Symbian S60 5th Edition device. As we see some people complain about the user interface of Symbian it seems that this application can address many of those concerns and give you a fresh device without having to buy a new device. You may find the setup a bit overwhelming at first, but as you use it and set it up it really turns out to be a straight forward utility that is quite pleasing to use.

SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 is fast and responsive to touch and I am using it now as my main user interface on the N97 mini. We do not see a lot of these types of user interface utilities on Symbian so I was pleased to see SPB Software bring over just about everything that they have developed on the Windows Mobile platform.

Ratings (out of 5)

  • Features: 4.5
  • Stability: 5
  • Customizability: 5
  • Ease of use: 4

Overall: 4.5/5



  • Extremely customizable
  • Fast and responsive
  • Stable
  • Fresh user interface without needing a new device


  • May be a bit overwhelming at first with all the settings


88 Comments to Review: SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 for Symbian S60 5th Edition

May 25, 2010

If “I” were Nokia, I’d work out some licensing terms to make this standard on ALL S60 devices. It gives them exactly what they need to get over the UI hump that make some defect to Android.

May 25, 2010

Yeah! Nokia should do a partnership with SPB..

May 26, 2010

yeah.. this is one of important apps and homescreen for nokia touchscreen.. nokia can you buy spb mobile shell and built it in to our s60v5..? please…

May 26, 2010

how to install and unisntall if i don need it? what version is this? 3.5.85?

May 26, 2010

installed this on my n97 last night and i must say: “I absolutely love it” its like a breath of fresh air in the morning. it makes the OS look and feel brand new, and the good thing about it, is that its not a ram eater, so it doesn’t crash the phone. it also runs so smoothly. the only thing, i just wish it was cheaper, 30 bucks is a lot.

May 31, 2010

Can anyone tell me how well this would run on a 5800 XpressMusic? The default UI is a little sluggish but not unbearably so. Would this make things feel nice and spry and make it an even better bargain for the little money I spent on it?

May 31, 2010

Been waiting for this, been using Handy Shell on my 5800(16gb card).Had Mobile shell on my last phone and missed it. Now installed to phone memory and customised as I like it. Phone really responsive. This is the best £25.00 I have spent in ages!!!!

June 3, 2010

Nokia 5800: Truly glitzy but it locked up my phone two or three times to the extent that I had to remove the battery to get it going again. Never had that happen before with this phone. Am running Emoze for my email – maybe that is the conflict? Finally, the Nokia 5800 home screen has a way to display the unread emails – it shows Emoze unread emails, but SPB Shell does not show them. I loved the extra features, but had to give it up because of these problems

June 4, 2010

I like this program veryx10 much. It’s the program/ luncher that Nokia should have before release it’s S60v5… I’m a DieHard Nokia fans since the year of Nokia 101 had gone into my hand. But I’m thinking of switch my gadget N97mini to Android last week due to bored for Nokia’s ancient home screen and user interface. It used to be very nice, but not for user had tried the Iphone, HTS Sense, Android user interface, but this mind had changed after I installed this program.

Now, I start to fall in love with my Nokia N97mini again.

Who knows, maybe SPB mobile shell will save Nokia’s user market shares, like me.

John Colin
June 7, 2010

On my Nokia 5800, only 2 programs will stay running in the background. Any third program will cause one of the first two to close. And after a while, those 2 close of their own accord anyway. It seems that nothing will really stay open in the background. (I have 26mb free memory in C.) This is the one thing that hinders me from registering the program. In the Symbian shell, I can have loads of programs open in the background – all day.

I have SPB Shell installed onto my memory card in the trial. Is this okay? It really takes tooo much space to be on C.

June 9, 2010

It’s exactly the kind of interface Symbian/Nokia should come with by default. But despite that I like SPB Mobile Shell very much, I cannot continue using it as it is an absolute RAM hog.

Before using it, I could easily keep 4-5 apps running (I have my reasons). Now I can barely keep 2 apps running as it’s running out of RAM.

June 21, 2010

can Anyone tell me the Registration key of Spb Mobile Shell v3.5.0 Build295 I’M running thisa Mobile Shell in My Nokia 5800xpressmusic

June 25, 2010

Does anybody have the registration key for SPB Mobile Shell v3.5 build 349?

June 27, 2010

Does Anybody Have the registration key….Pliz trial version just expired..!!!!

July 2, 2010

Gostaria de saber se hesiste crack para o spb mobile shell v 3.5 e como coluca-lo ou se aloguem me consegue arranjar um serial valido, já tentei colucar mais de 40 key´s e nehum funciona.

eu tenho o codigo correcto mas ta encrepitado se alguem conhecer um software para decifrar uma senha RSA 1024bit´s.


July 5, 2010

I have my n97. i tried to install my spb shell but my phone froze. what can i do?

July 12, 2010

This app is absolutely amazing, why did nokia not come up with this sort of interface on their launch of s60v5? I was a bit overwelmed with it at first but after playing with it for 20 mins i got the hang of it and now it is so easy to use. The price i thought at first was a bit steep but now i come to realise why it is the price it is, It is because it is a quality piece of software that has had a lot of time and work spent on it and i can`t rate it enough.

July 14, 2010

I installed SPB Mobile Shell into my N97 and I have to say that this program is brilliant. Now my N97 looks and feels much more trendier. With only SPB running, my phone has 33MB RAM free (as seen by x-plore) so there is room for 1 – 3 apps to run simultaneously. One thing I did to free up resources was to disable all the widgets from my old Symbian homescreen.

July 15, 2010

Does anybody have the registration key for SPB Mobile Shell v3.5 build 349? very urgent…

July 20, 2010

I Copy Zip file to mY 5800 Xpress Music and then when in file manager i open SPB its says file not supported . & its file name is

Guys Please Help me

August 4, 2010

give me ur IME number i will give u the key

August 4, 2010

send me ur ime in my email at i will be checking my email on daily basis.

August 9, 2010

Can we also install this app on the E72?

August 10, 2010

Yesterday upgraded my 5800 firmware to v51.0.006. It seems I have some more RAM to play with now. With EMOZE running also, I am getting around 47 MB free. With SBP Mobile shell also started, it comes down to 33 MB. before the update it was in some 20 MB something..Others too can give a try upgrading after noting your current free RAM.

August 12, 2010

How can people even consider trying to get the key for free from someone else who has paid good money for this app? I say buy the app for yourself and stop scrounging off people . This app is worth every penny. SO JUST BUY IT.

August 15, 2010

I have spb mobile shell on my htc kaiser. and I tell ya what I love it. I hate windows mobile 6.1 interface and this set up makes it suck a lot less

August 17, 2010

For nokia s-60 series full version contact me at–

[...] below: And using SPB Mobile shell, still tweaking with all the huge number of options:…0-5th-edition/ ____________________________ Some say he migrated when fuel hit 4 pounds per gallon and that [...]

August 28, 2010

alguien tiene el numero de registro de SPB Mobile Shell v3.5 ya se me acabo la version de prueba le agradeceria mucho. me correo es

October 2, 2010

welcome to sbp shell

siddheswar k
October 10, 2010

realy best and wunder full software i want t is avilable in 3rd edition mobiles

October 12, 2010

i can’t load the app. after I intalled, it begin loading and can not run, it appear erro ” SPB Mobile shell cannot be rune”. Pls help me!

[...] in May I took a look at SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 for S60 5th Edition devices. My own Nokia N8 arrived a couple of days ago and then just yesterday I [...]

sir bernz
October 25, 2010

i am an samsung omnia hd user. 8s a symbian gadget. I would like to have a full version of the spb mobile shell for symbian users. My e-mail address is

sir bernz
October 25, 2010

correction: i am a sumsung omnia hd user. Not i am “an” samsung… Sorry for the grammar. Can’t edit d above msg. Huhuhu.

November 2, 2010

Hello they could help me to have the I number of series of the this wonderful application, my cellular one is different from all the other ones but a group of friends we are with the same problems. If some of you can help me the I will help my partners for all to have the application.

Thank you, Pura Vida C.R. Mi correo es

December 8, 2010

Help me how can we uninstall the SPB shell from Nokia X6

December 17, 2010

i am having 5800. After using this very often my message editor hangs. I am not able to do anything after that. I have to go to task manager and close the message editor application. It often happens with other applications like Gmail as well. Any inputs? i am planning to uninstall this as i never had faced this issue before. any help is appreciated.

December 17, 2010

I Copy Zip file to mY N97 mini and then when in file manager i open SPB its says file not supported . please contact supplier.

Guys Please Help me

December 20, 2010

i want spbshellregistetionkey can you give me

December 26, 2010

If you have a Symbian OS then make sure the file is a .sis If you downloaded a .cab file, then it will be for a Windows device.

February 1, 2011

Its the BEST application ive used on my Phone, Love the way the screen looks and the phone is much more responsive with this app, wish it was freeware.

February 3, 2011

Plz can u give me registration key for spb mobile shell 3.5 ..

February 12, 2011

I had SPB Shell installed in my 5800 for last 2 months. In the last 4 weeks, it used to hand my phone severely, so much that even if I took out the battery and put it back, my phone OS would not be restored. Finally I discovered a trick, where, I take out battery, put it back, charge it for 2 minutes and then switch on. Then only will my symbian 5800 OS would be restored. I have finally removed it completely from my phone. Other distatvantage I noticed was that the OS would not allow me to connect to the WAN and inform that there were too many connections. This software still has a long way to go. Beware of these issues before installing it. I was stranded when my phone hung on me in a remote location.

February 13, 2011

I used this app. I like it most. But what I feel while using it, is that It make my phone os slow. Does anybody have Registration key. Please help me out.

February 19, 2011

SPB Mobile Shell v3.7.2 Build 673 S60v5 key

8c5w-smui-277v 8c59-8un9-9gay

so try dis…

if any1 wants to thank me… then send some rchgs on my cell 9031123457

love u all…

March 1, 2011

can i get this for free? couse im dowloading it but when im trying to run it on my n97 it sayng something about the supplier i leave in eu is it matter that?

March 12, 2011

@rahul— thnk u so much bro……..u r great; n ya sorry for i cant recharge ur no.. here we can recharge no.s of north east only

March 18, 2011

@RAHUL – thank you so much brother.. we’re so greatful to have you..

April 4, 2011

plz someone give me spbshell with register key !!! plz send to me on plz plz guyzzzzzz !!

April 5, 2011

I also need SPB Registration key! I have Sonny Ericsson Vivaz.. please someone help me, I’ll be thankfull ;) - send it on my e-mail:

May 9, 2011

please I need SPB Registration key, I have Nokia 5800 xp


May 9, 2011

please I need SPB Registration key, I have Nokia 5800 xp thanks

May 9, 2011

Nokia can really learn a thing or two from SPB. I have no idea why they stubbornly refuse to completely revamp Symbian’s UI to be as attractive, functional, and as fast as SPB’s Mobile Shell considering that Symbian’s market share is constantly dropping at an alarming rate.

May 20, 2011

i have nokia 5800 xp and i need a registrasion keys for my spb shell..please help me

May 22, 2011

Absolutely great piece of software. It took me only two days to realise that I really have to buy it. I was thinking to sell my C6, but now there’s really no need to do so. SPB shell looks really nice, that’s fo sure. But the almost unbelievable thing is that it does not feel heavy, the phone is as responsive as it has always been with its own interface. €25 very well spent!

May 28, 2011

hi fnd i m using nokia5800xm my imei 358247038254996 did any know spb mobileshell3.05 key mail me at thank u for all

July 18, 2011

Dear All, Pls help me anyone…. How can I reset to the default setting of this SPB-Shell, ‘coz I delete the SPB-Weather homescreen accidentally, and I can’t find how to show up again in my homescreen.

August 7, 2011

assalamoaleikum.m using this application on nokia C5 03. . . Can anyone tell me its registration key?

August 26, 2011

asalamualaikum please help me, why when d install them on the phone asking SPB registration,., what its registration yaaa my phone nokia 8gb x6 d yes please help

August 26, 2011

ok to….

August 29, 2011

pls, i nid spb reg key for nokia c6, version 3.7 build 598 imei: 354839043995920


Tusi Sareya Da Puo
August 30, 2011

Hi,i did install this program on Nokia’s amazing but it lack with one problem that it consume too much of ram…for running this program forget multitask with other program….

September 10, 2011

really something great, it turns your cellphone into a real smartphone. installed on my nokia C6, n believe me, every problem which i was having with my phones GUI just got lost in a flick of a second… absolutely stunning to expreience…

September 10, 2011

plz someone give me spbshell with register key !!! plz send to me on plz plz guyzzzzzz !!

September 15, 2011

i have a problem with my ph coz i don’t know the registeration key of spb mobile shell.if anybody knows plz send me email to bro..

September 15, 2011

please I need SPB mobile shell Registration key nokia n8 my imei :356237042920692

September 23, 2011

pls can amy body help me with my spb seria.pls i need it.

October 9, 2011

Heyyyy Rahul,

Thanx yaaaaar

October 13, 2011


October 13, 2011

i want key for spb shell plsssssssssss

Jorawar singh
November 2, 2011

SPB Mobile key…8C5BMLDGK4SP

November 12, 2011

Please send e-mail it to spb shell serial

November 16, 2011

jay mataji

vaniya maulik
December 6, 2011

spb mobile shell registration key

vaniya maulik
December 6, 2011

spb mobile shell registration key plz email for me nokia 5233

December 20, 2011

nice soft

December 22, 2011


December 22, 2011

nokiac5-03 spb mobile shell register key

Sonu haack
December 30, 2011

If somebody wants serials key for this mail me at . I.had much more to tell life time costly softwares for nokia s60 free…mail me

January 7, 2012

Thanx “Jorawar singh” this key 8C5BMLDGK4SP worked on my nokia 5233. Jorawar singh thnx very much bro

January 7, 2012

any one wnt ***.my numbr me. Charge 500rs. Key is 8C5BMLDGK4SP key is 8C5BMLDGK4SP key is 8C5BMLDGK4SP key is 8C5BMLDGK4SP

February 1, 2012

i dunno about half you guys but i have a samsung i8910 omnia hd and the stock ui is unbareable so then i installed hack firmware to free up more ram and space then covered it with spb … Never once had a problem with it i can run 20+ apps no worries and still have 50 or so mb of ram free and my phone is usable again! All you winging and nagging for keys plz respect the work gone into this great ui! But if thats too hard have a search on and you can find all sorts of paid apps free =)

February 4, 2012

thanks 4 d key,it work for me too 8C5BMLDGK4SP

February 19, 2012


February 20, 2012

how to download spb mobile shell theme

February 25, 2012


March 17, 2012

Thanks….budyy it’s works

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