Review: Nokia Extra Power DC-11 is the coolest charging pack around

Review: Nokia Extra Power DC-11 is the coolest charging pack aroundPeople like me who live on their mobile phones need a source of power to keep us going longer than a day (or two if you have an E71 or E75). All of my Nokia devices have removable batteries, but I don’t have spares for all of them so I look to other sources. In the past I have used an older model Proporta Universal Charger, but I also had to carry a USB charging cable to connect to my devices. While at CTIA a couple of weeks ago I was given a fabulous new charging solution I wanted to tell you about. The Nokia Extra Power DC-11 unit does not appear to be available on the Nokia USA site and in my searches it actually looks to have very limited availability. I saw it on the eXpansys site for about $63, but don’t see it anywhere else right now.

The cables and charging port are found along the sides and ends. Nothing but the labeling info is found on the bottom. On the top you will find a small bright LED light that will flash white while the DC-11 is charging and glow white when it is topped off. There is also a small button below the light and after connecting your Nokia device (or other device that charges via microUSB) you need to press the button to “turn on” the charging unit. The light will flash on and off while charging up your device. When your device is fully charged, the light will go off and newer devices (like my 5800 and E75) will have a pop-up appear telling you to unplug the charger. Did I mention that the device is only 0.43 inches thick and faced in brushed aluminum so it feels fantastic in your hand and easily slips into a pocket?

The Nokia Extra Power device has a 1500 mAh battery to provide you with up to one full charge for your mobile phone. You can actually use it to charge up two devices at the same time, but you will not get two full complete charges out of the unit. What makes this a slick solution is that it has two 4.45 inch cables with a standard Nokia 2mm male connector on one and a microUSB male end on the other. These two cables and connectors wrap around the length of the DC-11 and slide into the ends securely for seamless travel position.


You need to connect a Nokia 2mm charger to the DC-11 to charge it up. You can actually connect a charger to top up the DC-11 and then connect your two devices to the cables and charge up all three at the same time. Recharging of the DC-11 can be about 2 hours and 45 minutes from empty to full. There is no standard USB cable that you could use to charge it up, which may be something to consider in the future if people find access to a USB port is more common than having a Nokia charger. I have Nokia chargers at home and work so I am perfectly happy with the DC-11 design.

nokiaca100Now, if you do want to charge up the DC-11 via USB you can pick up the Nokia CA-100 USB charger. My buddy Rafe gave one of these to me back in December and I use it with a USB adapter to charge up my phones in my car. It has a USB port one end and a 2mm plug on the other with a black plastic piece that lets you close everything up nice and tight for travel. The CA-100 is available on the Nokia USA site for $34.95, which seems quite expensive to me for such a basic accessory. I would love to see these included in the retail packaging when you purchased a device and personally I would like one of these rather than more wall or travel chargers.


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April 16, 2009

I’ve had this on pre-order from expansys for a few weeks. So it might not be completely out yet for sale. Nokia: ‘We’ll make it, but you can’t have it’

It looks like a great design and the official website has a Red Dot award on it

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April 15, 2010

I am sorry to say, but the DC-11 is a piece of crap. I fully charged it and used to recharge my almost full N97 to make sure the battery is as full as possible, before I went on a trip. This morning, when my N97 was empty I tried to hook up the DC-11 again and it wasn’t charging my phone anymore. It looks like you can only charge half a phone with it, which makes it pretty worthless – and also pretty expensive.

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