Redownloads rolling out in the Ovi Store

I’ve written about my frustrations with the Ovi Store here on the past and over the past couple of months have only used it to grab free items. I was very pleased to read over on All About Symbian that Nokia is rolling out the ability to redownload purchased titles. This is my major pet peeve that prevents me from making purchases since I reset and switch devices quite a bit as I test them out. I purchased a couple of apps and after a reset I was never able to get them again without a second purchase, which I refused to make. Once Nokia gets this working across the Ovi Store I may start making software purchases there again.

Redownloads rolling out in the Ovi StoreA couple of other issues I previously mentioned such as slow and limited selection have also been getting fixed with updates and more apps appearing so there are fewer and fewer issues keeping me from supporting the Ovi Store. I prefer to have a one stop shopping place for apps and I know that Nokia will get things working as they should eventually and this redownload support is a HUGE step in the right direction.


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