QuickOffice announces Premier 6.0 with 2007 support and more

QuickOffice is the software you will find on most S60 devices today in the Standard form that lets you view documents that are sent to you via email. You can upgrade to the Premier version and enable the ability to create new documents right on your device. I currently have QuickOffice 5.0 on my E71, but just read over on All About Symbian that QuickOffice Premier 6.0 is now available for S60 devices for US$39.

QuickOffice announces Premier 6.0 with 2007 support and more

As listed on the QuickOffice site, the updates, improvements, and new features of QuickOffice Premier 6.0 include
* Word® and Excel® 2007 Viewing
* Word and Excel 2007 Editing
* Excel 2007 Chart Viewing
* PowerPoint® (.ppt and .pps) Viewing and Editing
* Enhanced File Manager
* ZIP File Support
* View Password Protected Word and Excel files
* “Go To Cell” in Excel
* Word Count
* Advanced Editing of text, lists, tables, style, and formatting
* ZoomView™ lets you pick the display size that’s best for you
* Printer support (for Nokia E-Series with printing capability)
* Tighter integration with Adobe Reader LE
* Record live voice notes in PowerPoint
* Support for complex formulas
* Free spell check dictionaries available in multiple languages

If you ever use your S60 device to create and edit documents on the go (easy to do with a QWERTY device like the E71), then I recommend you check out QuickOffice.


3 Comments to QuickOffice announces Premier 6.0 with 2007 support and more

Brad Barbaza
January 28, 2009

Congrats on the new site Matt! I read many reviews on the E71, but it was your comments on daily usage over time that really compelled me to buy one!

Anyway, according to AllAboutSymbian.com:

Upgrading from previous versions has to be done using the over-the-air Quickmanager system at present and the pricing is:

* Upgrade for 4.5 customers:  $15
* Upgrade for 5.0 customers:  $10

I’m guessing us E71 owners only have to pay $10? Not bad!

Matthew Miller
January 29, 2009

Good find Brad. I was going to ask the QuickOffice folks about upgrade costs and for $10 it seems like a great deal. I’ll be upgrading the version on my E71 soon.

Brad Barbaza
February 2, 2009

Matt, were you able to do this? I just tried and found that my E71 has version 4.1 of QuckOffice, so the upgrade for me is $35 (only a $5 savings from retail).

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