Qik streaming video preinstalled on the Nokia N900

One application I find works extremely well on the Nokia N97 is Qik. Qik is a streaming video application and service that started out on Nokia devices like the N95 and has moved onto some other select mobile devices. I admit I was pleasantly surprised to see it loaded by default on the pre-production Nokia N900 that I am testing out. There has already been an update pushed to the N900 (update notifications are slick) so I thought I would try it out a bit. I embedded two videos I shot with the N900 for you to check out. For some reason that second video was cut off in the end and I think I tapped the stop button a bit early.

I think it is cool how the small Nokia N900 automatically appears in the lower right corner of the Qik videos. I did nothing to toggle this on and Qik must be pulling this info from the video. I plan to try this out more over time, but am very pleased to see it supported out of the box on the Nokia N900.


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October 23, 2009

I noticed you called it the N900 Internet Tablet. What is Nokia branding this as? A mobile computer, internet tablet, or extremely powerful phone?

The term “mobile computer” never took off with the N97, just curious as to what Nokia is calling the N900.

HTC Hero
October 23, 2009

That’s a good question indeed, I think Nokia calls it Internet Tablet. With the new Maemo O.S. Nokia has made a first step using open source software pretty much like HTC did with their HTC Hero. By the way the video you made with the N900 is of good quality.

October 23, 2009

Cliff ending :(

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