UPDATE: Pre-ordered Nokia N8 arrived in dark gray!

As I posted on Friday, late at night I received a note that my pre-ordered N8 had shipped yet the stupid Nokia USA store doesn’t seem to provide tracking info on the site. I called them on the phone three times today to both get tracking info and cancel my orange pre-order after deciding it wasn’t worth the return pain to get a different color. Each time I called I was told the system was down and call back in 2-3 hours, but that happened all day long so I gave up. I just arrived home and lo and behold there was a large box on my chair with my own dark gray Nokia N8-00 inside.

I took a few photos with the evaluation blue one as you can see below. My dark gray one is charging up now and I will see if there are any differences between it and the European blue one I have to send back later this week. For now, I am quite happy with the dark gray color and plan to load it up and get it customized real soon. I still have several posts under development too so stay tuned.

One thing I noticed is that this dark gray one was made in China while the eval unit was made in Finland. I really wanted one made in Finland since it seems more “Nokia” if it is built in the home country. Oh well, I can’t swap the blue one for the gray one.

UPDATE: As you can read below, there are several people who received theirs who are apparently having issues of locking up, reboots, and inability to play videos. I have my own dark gray N8 and it has been as stable and solid as the evaluation blue N8. I haven’t had a single lock up or reboot and the preinstalled videos play perfectly. I really like the cool Dolby surround test video that plays audio out in different channels. I am not sure how widespread these issues are and hoping it was just a bad batch that was sent out. I do feel for people though since the Nokia USA store is not the easiest to work with and it may take some efforts to get a return or exchange.


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Pictures Sexy
October 27, 2011

Good post, well put together. Thanks. I will be back soon to check out for updates. Cheers

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