Phone of the year and Symbian device of the decade picks

Phone of the year and Symbian device of the decade picksWith news being a bit slow as we gear up for 2010 with CES, Mobile World Congress, and CTIA we see lots of 2009 wrap up stories and I personally really enjoy reading them. A couple related to Nokia were recently posted and I wanted to link to them and discuss them here with you. James Whatley posted on his Phone of the Year and Steve Litchfield posted on his Symbian Phone of the Decade. After reading both articles I have to say I actually agree with both of them.

I won’t spoil James’ article about what device he picked as his winner for 2009, but after some thought I think you too may agree with his pick. Keep in mind he is coming at it from a UK viewpoint so some of our US-centric subsidization games may affect your personal pick. Here in the US I would think the iPhone or BlackBerry Curve may be picked as smartphone of the year due to the way our system is setup.

Steve’s Symbian phone of the decade is pretty clear cut and obvious. He actually had several people voice their opinions and the winning phone was an easy selection to make.

Do you agree with these picks? What was your smartphone of the year? How about your Symbian phone of the decade?


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