Pass The Parcel ends with getting a Nokia 5530 XM

I guess I wasn’t clear on how the promotion was working as I thought the last blog drawn was going to win the prize, but it turns out it was the blog that hosted the video where the product was actually revealed. I guess I should have been praying to get selected today instead of hoping to be the last blog standing :) I was wrong about the product that was going to be revealed as the Nokia XpressMusic 5530 was inside the package.Pass The Parcel ends with getting a Nokia 5530 XM

The 5530 looks like a pretty cool device, similar to the Nokia 5800 XM that I thoroughly enjoy. I particularly like the Media Bar drop-down and would have LOVED to have seen this on my Nokia N97 since there isn’t a real easy way to get to your media on the N97.

Symbian Guru has all the details on this new Nokia XpressMusic device and it looks quite nice at a fairly low price (US$277).


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