Participate in the new Mobile Sense Show to win a big prize

mobileSenseShow_logo_revaI have been participating with Kevin and James on the MobileTechRoundup podcast for a couple of years and every once in a while I get the chance to talk about Nokia. How would you like to listen to, and even participate in, a podcast where you have the chance to win a new piece of gear? Jenna Gonzalez, from My Reality Tech, came up with the idea with Jason Harris, from Tech Craver, to launch a podcast with some mobile tech experts that may develop into a regular show. On the first episode of the Mobile Sense Show, Sloan Bowman and I will be joining Jenna and Jason for one hour to talk primarily about Nokia and the N8.

  • What: You are invited to join me LIVE on the debut of our Ustream event, Mobile Sense Show, where we will have an open live discussion about everything mobile! This week’s topic: NOKIA
  • Who: I will be joining those mentioned above, Jason Harris of Sloan Bowman of & Jenna Gonzalez of
  • When: Sunday, November 7 at 10 PM ET/ 7 PM PT
  • How: You need to RSVP on the Ustream show channel. Also, if you have Facebook, make sure to RSVP that way too. Jenna is a very generous person, but you have to be present during the show on Ustream to win the fantastic prize that is planned for a givaway.

We are giving you plenty of time to plan to sit down for an hour and interact with us on the topic of Nokia and the N8 so please make sure to join us.


5 Comments to Participate in the new Mobile Sense Show to win a big prize

November 3, 2010

What a great idea! I’m suppose to get my N8 on 11/8, but I’d like to participate anyway!

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Billy hopkins
November 8, 2010

Help spsint is ofsting me my Job

November 11, 2010

Listened to the whole show and it was very interesting. Left a comment there as well.

I think Nokia will certainly come up with something big for the North American market in the next 2 years.

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