Nokia N79 to be first to ship without a charger

Nokia N79One thing about being a person who has several Nokia devices in the house I have no shortage of chargers available to use. Actually, with a charger at the office, at home and in my gear bag I still have a few others sitting sealed in their boxes. One thing that appeals to me about Nokia is their proactive belief and practices in helping preserve our world for future generations. I recently read on Nokia Users that Nokia is trying out a program where they give buyers the option to make a purchase with or without a charger. The first device to have this option is the Nokia N79 Petrol Black with the original white model having it soon as well.

The devices will be priced the same so there is no direct monetary benefit to buying a package without a charger, however £4 (about US$ ) will be donated to the WWF for each device sold without the charger. Keep in mind that those devices without a charger will also come in a smaller box and thus reduce packaging waste. To help with this effort, Nokia will have to stay focused on limited charger options. Right now most devices use the same charger, but some of the newer devices are coming with the capability to use the microUSB port for charging and syncing.

Stream and listen to content through fring

fringlogoThe S60 platform is the best mobile OS for supporting VoIP communications and one of my favorite applications is fring. fring just announced that they continue to add functionality to S60 devices and you can now use fring to listen to your wireless radio stations. I’ve been using the Mobbler application on my Nokia N85 and E71 for a while now, but it is always good to see competition and other ways to access your content.

Having integrated with fring will let you load up 1 less application on your device too. fring has also made a mashup of the service so you can see your friends in your dynamic friends list and view what they are listening too as well. Twitter integration and chat (Google Talk, Skype, Windows Live) are supported as well in this latest version.

Review: Nokia 5800 Tube XpressMusic touch screen S60 device

I picked up my own Nokia N85 (North American version) device a couple weeks ago and posted my first impressions. I am working on a full review of the N85 to post here soon. I’ve been pretty happy with the device, but I am always interested in checking out the latest and greatest so I was pleased when Nokia sent a Nokia 5800 Tube (European model) to evaluate for a few weeks. The Nokia 5800 just launched last week in the UK and it was quite a hit with long lines of people waiting to buy the device. Nokia has actually already sold over one million 5800 devices and it just launched in the UK with no official availability here in the U.S. yet. You can pick up one from a GSM importer and I almost have pulled the trigger a couple of times, but I am trying to wait until the North American model (NAM) is launched with support for 3G on AT&T.

Nokia 5800 in hand

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic was announced in October at Nokia World 2008 and is the latest S60 touch screen device. I was expecting the latest touch UI to come on a Nseries device, but to get the device into the hands of more people (Nseries devices are usually pretty expensive) the XpressMusic focus makes sense. When the 5800 first arrived I put it aside after a couple of minutes because I didn’t want to give up on my E71 keyboard or even N85 keypad and go to an all touch device. I then decided to just keep my T-Mobile SIM in the device and push forward with an evaluation. I am glad I did because I found I REALLY like the 5800 and am actually probably going to be buying myself one sooner, rather than later. I understand a North American (3G support with AT&T) model will be coming some time, but may get an international one because with T-Mobile it doesn’t matter. The 5800 will be available at Nokia flagship stores for a price around US$350 and is available now via online importers for just over US$400.

In the box: The evaluation unit I was sent came in a Ziploc baggie with USB cable and TV out cable so I can’t tell you first hand what is included in the box. Looking at the Nokia USA website I see that they have listed the following for box contents: 5800 with stylus, BL-5J battery, charger, stereo headset, video-out cable, microUSB cable, 8GB microSDHC card (nice bonus here), carrying case, stand, wrist strap stylus, extra pen stylus, User Guide and Quick Start Guide.

N85, 5800, N79 side by side

Out of the box (bag) first impressions: After pulling the Nokia 5800 Tube out of the bag, I was a bit surprised by the

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Will the Nokia N97 be here as early as 31 March?

Nokia N97We often see online websites offering devices for pre-order long before the devices are actually available and even before any official availability has been stated. Many times, these dates slide and slide until every online retailer has it in stock so I don’t put much faith in the dates these sites post about. One site that seems to be a bit more on the money with release dates recently revealed that the highly anticipated Nokia N97 will be available on 31 March in the UK. Ricky Cadden posted on the apparent release date that I hope is accurate since the US/North American version should be launched shortly after the European version.

I am going to CTIA at the beginning of April and hope there is some solid news on the N97 release at that time and am sure I’ll be able to finally get some hands-on time with the device to share with you at the show. As a Nokia Nseries and QWERTY keyboard fan I am already starting to save up money to buy one of these when they are available here. I’ve paid big bucks for phones, some call me crazy, and I am willing to part with upwards of $800 for the N97. You can bet as soon as they are available I will have one here to write about and from.

Welcome to Nokia Experts, who is this guy?

Matt MillerHello everyone and welcome to the Nokia Experts site. I wanted to put up an introductory post for all of you new readers so you know a bit about me and my history with mobile devices. My name is Matthew Miller and I am also known online as palmsolo, which is an online name I created many, many years ago due to my usage of Palm Pilots and my love of Star Wars and Han Solo. I am a father of three wonderful daughters and a husband to my wife of 15+ years. By day, I am a professional naval architect/ship designer who earned my Bachelor’s degree from the US Coast Guard Academy and my Master’s degree from University of California, Berkeley. I used to write for’s PDA section and currently now write for ZDNet on the Mobile Gadgeteer and Smartphones and Cell Phones technical blogs.

First, thanks to Dieter and Marcus for giving me the opportunity to work with them and launch this new Nokia and S60 focused site. I follow all the outstanding Smartphone Experts family of sites and when I saw that the S60 mobile operating system was not being covered I made a proposal to launch a site. I do completely understand though that Nokia still has a rather limited presence in the smartphone market here in the U.S., but they are still the world leader and have made recent commitments to increasing their presence here so maybe with some open discussions here and elsewhere we can encourage Nokia to actively market themselves in the U.S. I also think with such a powerful platform there are a lot of you with questions about your device and I hope to use this site to help you out.

I started using mobile devices back in 1997 with the US Robotics Pilot 1000 that I used when I flew out onto the scene of maritime casualties to help refloat ships. The Palm Pilot immediately earned a spot in my heart and since then I have personally owned over 100 devices and tried out many more. I am pretty device agnostic for the most part and have AT&T and T-Mobile SIM cards that I pop in and out of many devices. I used a couple of Nokia devices (Series 60 at the time) back in the early 2000s and then in 2005 I was asked to be part of a unique group of bloggers who would get a chance to try out Nokia Nseries devices and provide honest feedback to Nokia. The Nokia Nseries Blogger Relations program has allowed me to test several Nseries devices that actually spurred me to buy other Nokia devices for myself (particularly the North American versions) and get quite familiar with S60 devices.

My current favorite devices are the Nokia N85 (review coming here soon), Nokia E71, Nokia 5800, Palm Treo Pro, T-Mobile G1, HTC Fuze, and original Apple iPhone. I also just received the XPERIA X1 (likely I may return it though) and am saving up for the Nokia N97.

I love the amazing media creation capabilities, complete customization functionality, 3rd party application support, outstanding phone and RF quality, and hardware designs of Nokia devices and am very excited to write about them here on Nokia Experts. Please feel free to contact me with any story ideas you want me to cover, devices you want me to buy/obtain for reviews, questions you have about any S60 or Nokia device, or anything else related to Nokia or S60 you wish to see discussed here. You can reach me at matthewATnokiaexpertsDOTcom.

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