Nokia E6 up on Amazon for pre-order, I bought mine on ebay

Nokia E6 up on Amazon for pre-order, I bought mine on ebayI currently have the Nokia Astound, Nokia E7, and Nokia N8, not to mention other devices like the Nokia E73 Mode and Nokia N97 Mini. I cannot find my Nokia N900 :( So then, why in the world am I considering pre-ordering a Nokia E6 from Amazon for $446?

The Eseries with front facing QWERTY was always one of my favorite form factors that I found extremely useful and functional. Nokia provided some optimal calendar and messaging experiences with the Eseries and they were all built like tanks. The Nokia E6 has that same wonderful form factor with the addition of a touchscreen and Symbian Anna OS. Here are some other key specifications that look to make this the best front facing Eseries device ever:

  • Quad-band GSM and penta-band 3G (Thank you Nokia!)
  • Symbian Anna OS
  • 8GB internal memory and microSD card slot for up to 32GB more
  • 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and 720p video capture
  • Front facing VGA camera
  • 2.46 inch 640×480 pixels touchscreen display (That’s 326 ppi which is the same as the iPhone 4 retina display.)
  • Dedicated graphics processor with OpenGL 2.0 support
  • BP-4L 1500 mAh battery
  • A-GPS
  • WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • FM radio with RDS
  • USB on-the-to support
  • 3.5mm headset jack with TV-out support
  • Both microUSB and 2mm charging ports


My only real complaint with the last front facing QWERTY Eseries I tested, the Nokia E73 Mode, was the lower resolution display and this E6 fixes that with specs that sound fantastic for such a small display.

I went ahead and purchased one from Star Telecom Mobile on eBay since the tax alone for me to buy from Amazon was nearly $50 over the purchase price and they have the E6 available NOW! Stay tuned for E6 coverage here on Nokia Experts since the E6 should arrive next week.

Does Nokia deserve a break? Yes, except for the Anna update

Regular readers know I have been a long time fan of Nokia products and I still am or I would not spend my time writing here on Nokia Experts. While I am one of Nokia biggest fans, I am also a critic and point out when I think they need to step up to the plate. Rita, previously of Symbian Guru, posted on the Mobile R’n’R site that we should all give Nokia a break.

I agree with much of what Rita wrote, except I am not willing to give up on the lack of the Anna update for existing N8, E7, and C7 owners because they should have the update if there are devices shipping with it too and there are no excuses as we approach one year without the update that was promised when the N8 was released.

I do think it is ridiculous to make any judgements about the success of Nokia with Windows Phone since we have no idea when we might see a device and what that will look like with Mango or later on the devices. Like Rita, there is a place in my heart for the people of Nokia and the company itself with its Finnish heritage. I wish Nokia would have seen that Symbian needed to be refreshed earlier because I honestly still do like Symbian and am loving this Nokia E7 and Nokia Astound devices.

It’s good to see Rita is excited about Nokia and Windows Phone as I thought I was one of the few that is looking forward to two of my favorites getting together. I would LOVE to see a Nokia E7 device with Windows Phone 7.

Do you agree with Rita that Nokia deserves a break?

Apple acknowledges Nokia innovation, finally becomes a licensee

Back in late 2009 Nokia sued Apple for using their patented technologies while not paying any license fees like many others in the wireless industry were doing. Apple then countersued and acted like a child who was ticked that someone had the nerve to take action. When all the others were licensing these patents that Nokia had spent billions developing, it was pretty obvious Apple was just trying to show they didn’t have to follow the rules like everyone else. Nokia just announced that Apple has now become a licensee and lawsuits related to patent infringement are now dropped.

While Nokia’s market share is falling during this transitional phase and increasing competition from Apple and Google, they still are due recognition and payment for the billions they spent on R&D over the years as they led the world in wireless technologies. It is nice to finally see Apple realize Nokia was due such payments and will be making a one time lump sum payment followed by future royalty payments so when Apple succeeds Nokia gets a piece of the pie too. The length and financials of the agreement were not disclosed.

Ovi Store gets updated to 2.08 with app update notifications

Ovi Store gets updated to 2.08 with app update notificationsI read about the Ovi Store version 2.08 update on All About Symbian and fired up my Nokia N8 to see that the update had arrived. After signing in to the Ovi Store I saw that there was one application update available for my device, as shown in the screenshot to the right.

Getting application update notices is essential in today’s mobile world so I am happy to see it finally come to Nokia’s Symbian line. According to the guys at AAS, here is what is improved in the new Ovi Store client:

  • Users are able to review and apply updates to apps they’ve downloaded from the Ovi Store. The server now sends version numbers automatically down to the client on the phone.
  • Nokia’s algorithm for delivering ‘Top Free’ and ‘Best Sellers’ has been tweaked, to “make app and game listings more relevant for consumers”. Internal rankings are now filtered better by device and region, so that popularity in one niche won’t skew the whole.
  • Finding relevant apps has been made easier, with the addition of a “users who downloaded x also downloaded y” system.
  • Localization of S60 clients to Arabic Store clients for S60 5th Edition and S60 3rd Edition.

My new Nokia E7 also received the update the first time I launched the Ovi Store on it. I also fired up my Nokia Astound to check for the Ovi Store update and found it too had the update available so now all three of my newer Symbian devices are running the latest Ovi Store client!

Any Minnesota readers? Please give this Mall of America app a try

Any Minnesota readers? Please give this Mall of America app a tryI am a huge fan of mobile software and appreciate all of the hard work that developers put into their applications. I received an email from Paul Hinrichsen regarding a project he has been working on in his spare time for quite a while now. GPS navigation is fantastic on Nokia devices and Paul is working to bring indoor navigation to the platform with his current target being the monstrous Mall of America location in Minnesota. The Mall of America has over hundreds of stores so you can imagine why you need help getting around the place.

I do not live near there so I can’t help Paul test out his application in real-life situations. He is particularly interested in seeing how it works with the Nokia Astound. If there are any Nokia Experts readers in Minnesota or who play to visit the Mall of America, please read below and consider helping give feedback to Paul on his application.

I developed a liking for Flash Lite programming and this has since become my hobby. My particular interest lies with the problems of indoor navigation. I entered an indoor navigation app in the Nokia Calling all Innovators Africa competition in 2009 and came 10th out of 125 entries. This app did not provide turn-by-turn directions along the shortest route but simply static map graphics for a 4-level mall having 320 stores.

I have since developed an indoor navigation app targeted at the Mall of America (4-levels and 520+ stores). The app provides turn-by-turn directions along the shortest route as well as reporting on the distances to walk for each leg of the journey – rather like your motor car gps. I haven’t added voice but this will be the next upgrade to the app. Also – being man-alone I don’t have the expertise to research mobile device tracking in an indoor environment so to locate themselves the user simply enters the name of a store at their location. Glad to see though that Nokia are developing a dynamic tracking system. Hoping to one day hook into their technology.

Having developed this in South Africa I haven’t had the opportunity to test it in the Mall itself – however I have confidence in my construction. I don’t claim it will bring you right to the very door of the store that you are seeking but it will bring you close enough to see the store front. I am DESPERATELY looking for someone to test the app in the Mall. I have contacted the Mall itself but they seem rather closed-minded and are not even interested to look at it since it is a “third party app”. I am not necessarily asking you to test the app as I am certain you are very busy and you are probably nowhere near Bloomington Minnesota.

You can find his application for free in the Ovi Store and if you do get a chance to try it out, please leave a review with feedback on its performance. Here are a couple videos so you can see how it works.

Nokia E7 in hand shows me again how Nokia excels at hardware design

As I told you a couple of days ago I won a Nokia E7 in a video contest and if you all voted for my video I sincerely appreciate it! Nokia let me choose from a silver or blue E7 and I like color so I went with the blue one. As you can see in my gallery below, I now own three of the latest Symbian^3 devices; the orange Nokia N8, silver Nokia Astound (C7), and blue Nokia E7. No matter what I may think about the response by Nokia regarding software updates you cannot argue they make some amazing hardware and the E7 has fired up my passion once again.

I will be working on my full review of the Nokia E7 as my T-Mobile SIM is back in the device after sending back the evaluation HTC Sensation 4G. Obviously, I am a fan of Nokia and Symbian or I would not write here on this site. I saw a good post on All About Symbian about the powerful and yet simple home screen we have on Symbian devices and it is honestly one of the reasons I use Symbian devices. If we could just get Anna on the E7 and N8 with the email client, web browser, and other improvements I would be happy until Windows Phone comes to Nokia. Even then, I will honestly miss many features of Symbian and plan to hold onto these three devices for quite some time.

Guess who finally won a contest? Yes, I have an E7 on the way

Remember that Nokia Care US video tip contest I mentioned a couple weeks ago? Well, guess what? The Twitter voting ended up with 12 selections being made and I won the contest based on the judge’s voting! Yes, that’s right I will finally be getting a Nokia E7 so I can cover it here on Nokia Experts. I have been asking for an evaluation unit since Nokia World last year and I guess my posts about Nokia and some of their ridiculous actions (or inactions) might have put me on the review blacklist 😉

I am looking forward to testing it out and sure hope it ends up with Anna soon because at this time I really find Symbian devices without Anna to be way below what other smartphones offer. I do still like my Nokia devices for the outstanding call quality and reception, long battery life, wonderful cameras, and more, but they really need to step it up soon.

Let me know what you would like for me to test out on the E7 and I will include it in my upcoming articles.

Fear not, coming months? Are you kidding me Nokia? Get Anna out TODAY!

Fear not, coming months? Are you kidding me Nokia? Get Anna out TODAY!The Nokia N8 was revealed back in April 2010 and released just in the nick of time in September 2010. Out of the box the browser was crippled and there was no portrait QWERTY keyboard, but we heard that a firmware update would be released in January 2011. Unfortunately, that was just the PR 1.1 update and was rather lame. We now see the release of the Nokia E6 and X7 with a statement at the end of the post, “And fear not Nokia N8, E7, C7 and C6 fans – Symbian Anna will be available for you in the coming months.”

Seriously, the coming months? So you expect people who paid a healthy chunk of cash for a decent smartphone with promised updates to get it where it should have been at launch to hold onto the device for about a year to get that update? We saw details of Anna revealed back in February and today we have the Nokia Astound, Nokia E6, and Nokia X7 all with Anna loaded out of the box. I can’t think of a rational reason why Nokia doesn’t get Anna out to existing and loyal Nokia owners of the N8, E7, C7, and C6. However, I can think of many reasons people will be jumping ship to go to other devices with treatment like this.

Granted, Anna is not a revolutionary update, but after using the Nokia Astound the QWERTY keyboard, much better email UI and appointment support, better browser, and more are enough to keep me using Symbian for several more months. My wife is ready to throw her blue N8 out the window though with constant proximity sensor failures, lockups, and no portrait QWERTY keyboard. I convinced her to get the N8 in large part because I told her Nokia would be providing an update soon. I am no longer going to tell her that and am going to start looking for a good Android device for her that she can count on.

It is lack of attention to the loyal Nokia customer that has me concerned about the future of Nokia and combined with what I have seen with Microsoft there is a lot that these companies are going to have to prove to me before I am completely sold out.

Nokia E6 and X7 available today… just not in the USA

I am working on a post comparing my Nokia N8 to the Nokia Astound with Symbian Anna so you can see what Anna brings to the Symbian platform. If you want Anna now, you can get a Nokia Astound at T-Mobile or look around for a Nokia E6 or Nokia X7. Unfortunately, the release of these two new devices today did not occur in the United States so you have to pay the expensive import prices or just to see if they ever come to the U.S.

Nokia E6


The Nokia E6 continues the tradition of fabulous QWERTY Symbian smartphones with the added functionality of a touch screen experience. Some people swear by the E71, E72, E73 form factor and should be pleased with the E6 that also has an 8 megapixel camera and 8GB internal memory. I was a big fan of this form factor and may just have to get an E6 too.

Nokia X7


The X7 is a rather funky looking smartphone, at least in photos. However, maybe it looks better in person and the 4 inch display sounds good to me. It also has an 8 megapixel camera and 8GB internal memory.

Are you interested in either of these new devices?

No real surprise here as Nokia lowers 2011 outlook figures

No real surprise here as Nokia lowers 2011 outlook figuresToday, Nokia issued a press release lowering the Devices & Services 2nd quarter 2011 outlook and updates for the full year 2011 outlook. This really is not surprising news after they announced future support of Windows Phone on their smartphones, but I am a bit surprised by the statement that “This update is primarily due to lower than previously expected average selling prices.” Really? The prices of high end smartphones dropped over a year ago and has held fairly steady so why is this unexpected?

Nokia expected net sales to be in the range of EUR 6.1 to 6.6 billion, but stated it will now be substantially lower (the new expectation was not revealed). They also stated it is no longer appropriate for them to provide annual targets and given the uncertainty with Windows Phone and MeeGo this is probably a good strategy.

The press release states that Nokia is taking immediate action to address the issues that are impacting its Devices & Services business and these include:

  • Nokia is continuing to invest to bring new innovative capabilities to its Symbian line up. In addition, Nokia has taken price actions on its current smartphone portfolio, and Nokia is intensifying its focus on retail point-of-sales marketing.
  • Nokia started shipping its new dual-SIM devices last week.
  • Nokia remains pleased with its progress on its Windows Phone strategy, and has increased confidence that the first Nokia product with Windows Phone will ship in the fourth quarter 2011.
  • Nokia remains committed to its target to reduce its Devices & Services non-IFRS operating expenses by EUR 1 billion for the full year 2013, compared to the full year 2010, and plans to implement these reductions as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • After the transition, Nokia continues to target Devices & Services net sales to grow faster than the market and Devices & Services non-IFRS operating margin to be 10% or more.

They are confident they will release a Windows Phone-powered Nokia device prior to the end of 2011 and IMHO they must do this in order keep people’s interest in their brand.

Nokia will provide its second quarter results and more details when it reports its Q2 2011 results on July 21, 2011.

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