It’s a great day for the Ovi Store with redownloads now supported

It's a great day for the Ovi Store with redownloads now supported Regular Nokia Experts readers know I have been rather dissatisfied with my Ovi Store experiences and one of the major issues I had with it was the inability to redownload an app I paid for. I test software, reset devices, and switch devices so I wanted the ability to get content back on my device that I purchased. The Ovi Store did not allow you to download the content after the first time and there is no way to backup that application for archiving. I just read over on the Ovi blog that the ability to redownload apps is available in Ovi Store clients 1.5(387) or higher on S60 devices so now I will revisit and may start using the store again.

I was especially pleased to read this statement, “And regardless of how you shop the Store, we will honor purchases made before this new version, so if you purchased the BlockGO game in August and it didn’t download properly, give it another shot by visiting the My Stuff section of the store.” I will now make sure I have the latest Ovi Store client on my N97 and try to redownload previous purchases. You can check out the video below for more info on this new functionality.


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October 28, 2009

My problem with this whole thing is that it should have been implemented the first time. It was only common sense.

Another problem I have, which I do not understand Nokia’s point of view is applications and only being able to use them on one device. If they are going to advertise their products as “mobile computer”, they should make the software, movable from one device to another, just like you would on a computer.

If you buy an application, on CD, from the store, you can install that on any computer you have. Or, if you get rid of your old computer, most companies will allow you to use the CD key, registered to you, to uninstall it off the old one, and install it on the new one. This should be the same for mobile devices. If I upgrade from a device to another, with the same application, the license should travel with the user, not the device. A way to do this would be to have the application, track the SIM card’s ID instead of what device it was on, that way, the user can only use the application, on the device his SIM is in.

I really thought about this in great deal when Nokia wouldn’t allow me to take my N-Gage games with me from my N95 8GB to the N97, so I stopped all purchasing of applications direct from Nokia until a better system is designed.

October 29, 2009

For the last few days I tried to redownload the only thing I have every purchased on the Ovi store. This was after clean upgrade to v20 on n97 and an upgrade to the new ovi client. It kept failing to complete the download from the store. I kept trying and nothing. Finally today I tried again and it said I had reach my download limit for that item. I just about hit the roof. Now I have to file the complaint and all that nonsense. I think it is fair to say I will never purchase anything from that freaking crap store ever again. I’ll get it straight from the developer or not bother at all.

October 29, 2009

Same bad experience. Eventually I contacted with developer and they gave me regular license for products which I bought. Professional attitude to client.

Never again OVI store.

October 29, 2009

@Bill and Absolon, I get that sense from a lot of people in the Nokia community. A lot of Nokia fans were disappointed with the N97 and said, “never again”. A lot of people gave the Ovi Store a fair shot, and said, “never again”. Hopefully, in time, it will all be sorted out. My personal preference is to go right to the developer for the application.

Ovi Store downloads
October 30, 2009

[…] […]

October 30, 2009

Hey Matt, are you still doing the N97 Contest giveaway?

[…] Nokia N97 firmware 2.0 released Ovi Store now supports re-downloads […]

[…] Nokia N97 firmware 2.0 released Ovi Store now supports re-downloads […]

wendy mellon
February 22, 2010

Nope…you are wrong redownloads do NOT work. Downloaded Vlingo to a Nokia 5800 that then broke so I got a new phone. Tried to redownload but still kept asking me to pay, Got in touch with Nokia/OVI store and still no satisfaction after weeks and massess of emails. The people I have had to deal with are idiots. They cannot write English, they cannot even get my name right and everytime it is a different person who replies. I have been given a premium rate number to ring but I am not prepared to do this. I cannot expalin in print just how angry I am with them…Need a proper place to complain and if anyone has an email I would be so greatful.

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