Opera Mini 5.1 beta comes to us as a native Symbian app

Opera Mini 5.1 beta comes to us as a native Symbian appAs we wait for the Symbian^3 web browser to be released on the Nokia N8, you can try other web browsers like Opera Mobile and Opera Mini. I just received a press release that Opera Mini 5.1 was released and is written as a native Symbian app rather than a Java app so get on over to m.opera.com from you Symbian browser and download it now.

This new native Symbian version, Opera Mini 5.1, features all the same things you have seen with Opera Mini before, but with these key improvements:

  • Significantly faster start-up time
  • Improved page-load and scrolling performance, especially on older devices
  • Full support for device text input methods
  • Improved fonts
  • Device integration for copy & paste, email client and more
  • Option to choose default access point — no more annoying dialogs

I love the idea of device integration and default access point settings so I went to download it myself and now have it running on my Nokia N8.

Tip for T-Mobile USA customers: T-Mobile thought it would be cool to block access to apps they didn’t want you to use so if you go to m.opera.com with your T-Mobile SIM in the N8 you will find they won’t let you download it. Simply go into offline mode, connect via WiFi, then download Opera Mini 5.1 beta to your Nokia N8. You can then go back into online mode and use the application with no problems.

Oh yeah, here are some fast facts about Opera Mini from the press relase

  • The most popular mobile browser on the market
  • More than 71 million monthly users worldwide
  • More than 36.9 billion pages processed each month
  • The Opera Mini servers compress the webpages up to 90%

Anyone else happy with this new version of Opera Mini?


6 Comments to Opera Mini 5.1 beta comes to us as a native Symbian app

October 28, 2010

Wow really T-mobile, seriously?! Good grief…

October 28, 2010

This is great news. I’ve got a Nokia E52 which doesn’t have enough RAM to run Opera Mobile well but this beta of Mini allows me to run multiple tabs and load big sites like engaget.com and still have loads of free memory.

BTW have you seen the youtube video of the new Nokia browser?

I noticed that it doesn’t take the whole screen up with the keyboard when you enter text. Looks good.

October 28, 2010

I just read on MobileCrunch that T-mobile is going to charge extra for tethering. Do you think this means they can track down and restrict the use of Joiku Spot?

October 28, 2010

Hey matt, check this out! check the comments too, it is confirmed multuitouch qwerty coming!


October 28, 2010

thanx a lot man.
u da best.

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