Nokia’s Download! utility drives me crazy, is the app free or not?

Nokia Download!As I mentioned yesterday my purchased blue Nokia 5800 arrived yesterday and I spent a few hours installing applications and setting it up just like I wanted (folders, settings, etc.). I actually plan to post a write-up next week on what I do when a new device arrives. If you haven’t yet checked out the All About Symbian Beginner’s Guide for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic device I recommend you do so because there are some great tips and tricks to make your device work well for you. At this time, I just wanted to rant a little about the Download! utility found on Nokia devices since I want Nokia to take some action on this utility and clean some things up.

Is it really free?: Until Nokia gets a real on board application store (How did they let Apple beat them to this anyway?) there are a few things they can do to at least make Download! semi-useful to new owners. The very first thing I want to see is the clarification of what is freeware or commercial software. Yesterday I downloaded several apps that stated they were free in the application summary, however they were just free trials and each one had a subscription or one-time cost. Please do not label them free if the trial is the only thing free because that is not the whole truth and is a bit deceiving. Tell me in the summary how much an application really costs so I can decide if I want to try the free trial and then buy it. I am more than happy to pay for software I like, but don’t tell me something is free when only the trial is free.

Consistency: Every Download! utility I try seems to be different and is also different depending on my geographical location (U.S. compared to Spain, for example). Then there are apps that do not even work on the particular device that appear in the Download! utility. I tried a few last night that do not work on my Nokia 5800. It would be nice if this was stated in the application summary so I didn’t waste time installing the application.

Improved organization: Some applications appear on the main storefront page and then are also present in other subfolders. If you feature some apps on the main page, then don’t put them in subfolders too.

Showcase more apps: There are some FANTASTIC applications for S60 devices and only a select few appear in the Download! utility. Are there deals Nokia has to make with developers to get featured in the store? If so, let’s get some of these awesome developers on board the devices and in the Download! application.

Global login/history: You know what would be very cool for people like me who have multiple Nokia devices or for those who switch to a new device? Having a global Download! login that would let me know what apps I downloaded on my other device and then ask me if I would like to download those same ones on my new device. I could even select each application that I want to download on this new device.

Upgrade tracker: As applications are upgraded or updated, it sure would be cool to have the Download! utility let me know there are updates available rather than having to check through the menus of each application.

Hopefully, these things are being addressed by some kind of upcoming Nokia application storefront. If not, let’s at least get Download! updated with some of these features please.


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Brad Barbaza
February 6, 2009

Great suggestions!

I’m also looking forward to the post on what you do when you get a new phone. I found an article about moving folders around and hiding rarely used icons to really clean stuff up. It’s just one of those things that should be done out of the box to really clean up the look of S60.

Gordon W
February 6, 2009

On my N85, there’s an App updater that checks the applications. I’m surprised the 5800 doesn’t have one. I do agree the download descriptions could use some work. I think the Forcaweather was the only app that said trial and it was the very last line.

February 6, 2009

I have a question, when you purchase an app, do they ask for your credit card info right then and there, or is it somehow applied to your monthly bill from your carrier (tmo in my case)

aslo on another note is there any way to track responses? there should be an option to get email alerts when a new comment has been added

February 6, 2009

@Ali It depends on the application, but typically you’ll go to a web site to pay.

Saad Ahmed
February 7, 2009

I can’t find the MSN Live and Yahoo!Go for my E63 in any folders of Download! I live in Bangladesh. How do I find the source to doenload these two applications?

February 7, 2009

@ Mathew
I think u should be feeling privileged dat u r able to download apps,whether they show freeware or trial ware….on my N73 whnever i download a app it firstly says loading…and then says server error!

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July 22, 2009

It’s not just “a bit deceiving,” it’s an outright lie. An application is either free or it is not, and to claim something is free because it includes a limited trial of the service, is INTENTIONAL DECEPTION

July 14, 2010

after i install “nokia softer updeater” and double-click on ikon on destop the error is display “Sorry the nokia service currently unavailable.Please try again later”

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