Does Nokia with WP7 continue a broken world experience?

I just posted an article on ZDNet about my thoughts regarding adoption of Windows Phone 7 by Nokia in regards to Zune  Marketplace services and as you can read the Windows Phone 7 experience is very broken outside the US. In my opinion, the memo supposedly from Stephen Elop has a very US-based focus which is great for Nokia fans in the US like me, but just doesn’t feel quite right for Nokia.

I now have two Windows Phone 7 devices that I use on T-Mobile, the HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro, and I personally find them both to be quite fantastic with Xbox LIVE games, Zune music services and streaming, awesome applications in a Marketplace just getting past 8,000 apps, and a very fun and fresh UI. As I point out though, these services and experiences are NOT what people around the world will see on a Nokia Windows Phone 7 device. If Nokia’s intent with WP7 is to focus these devices on the US and UK, then maybe this strategy will add a few thousand more users. However, Nokia doesn’t have a high end brand association here in the US so they would have to tell the story of both their hardware and the slowly rolling out Windows Phone 7 platform. Going with WP7 is not an easy task and Nokia will have to work just as hard to sell them as they would by putting efforts into MeeGo or Symbian with full Qt support.


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February 10, 2011

Naw, it is all a sham. Nokia will announce they are buying T-Mobile.

February 10, 2011

As a N900 owner, software developer, and investor I have followed closely the progress of Meego. To me it seems that the best thing that Nokia could do is to end Symbian and focus exclusively on Meego. This speculation that Nokia will now move to WP7 as we know it seems questionable. There has to be something more to that story than this. Take a look at Apple, Google, and HP now. What do they have in common? Their smartphone and tablet platforms are the same. Symbian will not be used on tablets, Microsoft does not have a tablet OS that we know of. I think if it is announced that Nokia had exclusive access to a new tablet based on WP7 OS and manufactures WP7 smartphones it would benefit both companies. Microsoft needs a tablet now, waiting for Windows 8 as announced at CES at way too late. If it turns out that this story is nothing more than Nokia manufacturing WP7 smartphones I don’t see how that really helps Nokia. Fixing the global market place may not help that much.


February 10, 2011

@Steve Agreed. I’ve said it many times before: Nokia has too many operating systems. Most think Android is taking over the world because Google is backing them. And to an extent, that is true. However, what they fail to realize is that Android was designed from Day 1 to work on as many different types of hardware as possible. That’s why you’ll never find a minimum hardware requirement for Android. And the fact that Froyo is running (using custom ROMs) on the original G1 shows to be true. So what’s my point? Nokia, stick with ONE OS that will work on every platform. People talk about Android being fragmented because of the different versions. But at least it’s different versions of the same OS unlike Symbian and its Neapolitan flavoring of operating systems. And don’t forget, WP7 has “minimum hardware requirements” which automatically limits the number of users world-wide that would be able to us a Nokia WP7 device.

Patrick Perez
February 10, 2011

To the extent that Elop announces anything strategically between Nokia and MSFT, my guess is that it will be a software strategy wherein Nokia is still using Symbian variants as well as Meego, but with exclusive MSFT software. This could be reiterating the pledge to bring mobile Office to Nokia, Silverlight, more Zune connections etc. And of course, Bing.

I doubt the likelihood of Nokia becoming a vendor of WP7 phones, however.


February 10, 2011

I personally wouldn’t mind W7 on my N8 as the Symbian GUI is just pathetic. That being said, it’s so stable and the functionality is great but lord, is it ugly. A theme can only do so much. (I’m a graphic designer by trade).

If a port of W7 is not an option then maybe some more mainstream services. Nokia did kill of their music service so maybe they’ll adopt Zune? That’d be great for the subscription as well as syncing with the Zune software, which I use. Better Office and Exchange support could come out of an alliance. The Ovi store could benefit greatly from the Zune Marketplace as well though Angry Birds MUST be there. :)

Nokia makes fantastic hardware and that’s what keeps me coming back. I give a pass to the software because it can always be upgraded, but hardware, not so much once you’ve bought it.

I’m only hoping for the best for Nokia. Tomorrow will be interesting, that’s for sure.

February 10, 2011

@David, Nokia only killed off their Unlimited music service. Ovi Music still continues as an a la carte system.

Zune outside the USA is non-existent so I can see where Matthew is coming from. Windows Phone 7 has been advertised here in the UK before Christmas but I don’t know anyone who bought one.

If Elop’s idea was to join an ecosystem to grow Nokia’s smartphone share then Windows Phone 7 is not it. It might marginally work in the USA but not elsewhere.

As Steve above said, they need to hold course on MeeGo and Qt replacing Symbian eventually. They need to make Symbian more enticing NOW as a holding strategy while they get MeeGo out. They need to make deals with other partners to create a bigger ecosystem of their own – eg. rope in Nintendo, Yahoo and even Microsoft to provide services either under their own label or as part of Ovi. All this needs doing yesterday.

max waterman
February 10, 2011

@shaun Nokia didn’t kill off ovi music unlimited…they only stopped offering it in markets that it wasn’t selling well in. it is still running in strong nokia markets like in india china and indonesia.

February 10, 2011

Very little about WP7 would interest me for Nokia. If MSFT can bring some valuable software to Symbian (so far Silverlight doesn’t seem to be doing much), then I am on board. I will listen to the announcement and see where things go over the next few months.

[…] Does Nokia with WP7 continue a broken world experience? […]

Rafael Roque
February 15, 2011

I don’t care what Elop thinks is right for Nokia… Bottom line is that Nokia is no longer Nokia and if they continue their relationship with Microsoft; pretty soon Microsoft will own Nokia completely. So how can anyone think this partnership is essential to Nokia’s survival?!? That’s like saying that Pepsi start using Coke’s formula to survive market conditions. No, that just means that Coke found a way to eliminate Pepsi and another alternative choice for the people to buy!

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