Nokia World 2010: Live blogging the opening keynote

I am in London waiting for the 2010 Nokia World keynote to start and will be attempting to post live about the keynote, with some of my thoughts. You can follow the opening keynote yourself too at by viewing the live stream of the event.

11:05 – Mark Selby, VP of Industry Collaborations, is on to talk about the schedule for the rest of Nokia World. Off to check out the Experience Lounge and get some hands-on time with the new devices and services.

10:58 – Carriers need the following to be successful:

  1. Network speeds/quality of service
  2. Devices and operating systems
  3. Content and services
  4. Customers affordability
  5. Ecosystem profitability

This speaker is going a bit too long and I have seen plenty of the press heading out already. Maybe a keynote for new devices and services with another for developers, operators, etc. is needed in the future.

10:42 – We are no longer talking about the high end. He showed the data collected from their network that is from across all types of devices with the following trends:

33% browse
25% play games
20% email
15% social networking
11% maps
  • 33% browse the web
  • 25% play games
  • 20% email
  • 15% social networking
  • 11% maps

10:36 – Vittoria Colao, Chief Executive of Vodafone Group, is now on the stage to talk about customers and industry trends and challenges.

10:25 – Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio, is on the stage now. Angry Birds has sold over 7 million copies and is quite a success. Introducing the Mighty Eagle and how it fits into the Angry Birds family! You can buy the Mighty Eagle in the Ovi Store and he will solve the level so you can move on past the level as he destroys everything with one shot.

10:24 – Nokia will now support in-app purchases, similar to what Apple rolled out earlier this year. There appears to be lots of support for developers at Nokia and there is quite a large market to sell apps through the Ovi Store.

10:16 – She is now talking about the new Webkit-based browser. Nokia was one of the first to launch with a Webkit browser on S60 in the past, but this new improved browser offers even more, including optimization for touch.

10:05 – Purnima Kockikar, VP of Forum Nokia & Developer Communities, is up talking about the large market for developers and trying to rally developers to Nokia.

9:59 – Anssi is closing by talking about their environmental focus and how green their devices are. The Nokia C7 uses biopaints and the C6 uses recycled metals. Their environmental sensitivity is an aspect that I find attractive about Nokia.

9:55Nokia E7 is BIG. It has a 4 inch touch screen display with slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Targeted towards the enterprise user with secure email, Quickoffice suite of software, and more. Form factor looks similar to the N8, but bigger and with the keyboard.

9:53 – Anssi is talking about the awesome Nokia Communicators and said this next device follows on that tradition. Showed a slide of The Saint with the Communicator 9000 being used.

9:48 – He is now showing off the Nokia C7. Anssi stated it is the sleekest, smoothest device in the world.

9:44 – Here come the new devices. The Nokia C6 is being shown off now with 8 megapixel camera, Ovi Maps, and improved social location functionality. CBD (ClearBlack Display) is something that no one else yet has. It is a premium touch screen display with lower power consumption and blacker blacks.

9:40 – Anssi states the N8 is not only the BEST camera phone ever, it is the best multimedia device too. You can output HD video with Dolby surround sound. Showing a Tron trailer from his own N8 device. Let’s see a Tron branded N8 with cool highlights around the outside.

9:39 – Talking more about the N8 before rolling out new devices. Thinks the N8 is the start of something big. There are plenty of N8s here so give them a try. Available now for pre-order in various markets. Xenon flash with 12 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics is on the N8 so he is showing actual photos taken with the N8.

9:36 – Anssi Vanjoki is on now to make product announcements. Stay tuned folks. “Let’s get something off my chest. People say the N8 screenshots look like the same old Symbian.” He asks how you can judge a car by looking at the new dashboard. Give the N8 a chance and really try it out before you judge it.

9:33 – Nokia is progressing with MeeGo, but NO product announcements for MeeGo will be made at Nokia World. “Nokia is back.” Did they ever really leave?

9:32 – By 2013, over 800 million people will be using GPS and location-based services on devices. This is a space where Nokia “intends to own.”

9:30 – Niklas is now talking about Ovi Maps and how you can use it offline, including support for navigating through the London Underground, the Tube. Ovi Maps is one of the premier services and I use it quite a bit. It is available in 78 countries in 46 languages.

9:28 – “They work day in and day out, no matter how you hold them.”

9:27 – Nokia has signed up 100 operators to offer the Nokia N8.

9:25 – Today, Nokia is kicking off their fight back to regain mind share and excite people about their smartphones.

9:25 – Nokia is unique in that they are the most global company in the world. One device will NOT satisfy everyone so they will always have a large number of devices. People bought more devices than iOS and Android combined. 260,000 Nokia smartphones are sold every single day.

9:23 – Niklas just played a clip from Scott Forstall, from Apple. Says that Nokia is more than a “feel good tagline.” 1.3 billion Nokia users around the world.

9:22 – “Nokia helps people grab life’s opportunities.” Nokia World 2010 is completely sold out with 3,000 attendees.

9:19 – Just saw a video about people around the world and things they do in everyday life.

9:16 – Niklas Savander, VP of Markets, comes out on stage and says that Stephen regrets he could not be here. Giving thanks to 30 year career of OPK

9:14 – I may fall asleep soon if they don’t stop playing the same marine life soundtrack over and over, feels like being at Sea World. OK, here we go.

9:11 – They just told us they will start in 5 minutes.

9:02 – The keynote was supposed to start, but the announcer just stated that they will be delaying the start to get everyone they can into the event since there is a larger number of attendees than apparently planned for. That or they are not doing so well at logistics and getting people in on time.

8:54 – If you can’t get enough of Nokia World coverage then make sure to follow other live coverage at sites such as:

8:50 – 10 minutes until the start and the press area has a couple hundred people sitting in the area with something like 3,000 people expected for the keynote. There is a TON of foreign press here, which makes sense with Nokia having a much bigger presence outside the US. I will be posting most of my thoughts here, but may post some on Twitter too. You can also follow other people’s thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #NokiaWorld.


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[…] live blogged the opening keynote and it started out with a bang when Niklas Savander showed how Nokia connects people of the world […]

[…] live blogged the opening keynote and it started out with a bang when Niklas Savander showed how Nokia connects people of the world […]

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October 3, 2010

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