Nokia is shutting down N-Gage service in September 2010, your game are safe

Nokia may be shutting down N-Gage service in September 2010This latest news really doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me personally. Reuters is reporting that Nokia’s N-Gage gaming service will be shut down at the end of September 2010. The community site will be open through the end of 2010 and then all future games will be available through the Ovi Store. I like the interface of N-Gage (very much like XBox 360 gamer tag system) and thought it offered some good games, but it just never seemed to take off no matter how hard Nokia tried. I had to designate one device to gaming because it was virtually impossible to transfer game license to another device and I never could stay with one device too long.

I doubt this shutdown will affect too many people, except for the die hard gamers. I personally enjoy games purchased through companies like Spb Software House and Astraware on my Nokia devices and found little use for N-Gage. I haven’t found an official press release yet so am not stating this as fact yet.

Are any readers N-Gage fans? Will you miss the service?

UPDATE: There is now a post over on the N-Gage Blog and as you can see all your game will still be playable after 2010, you just won’t have the social, connected aspects available.


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October 30, 2009

This a really bad bad move for Nokia. Its shares already dropped today when the announcement was made with 3%.

But it is more than that. It is normal from all the phone users the N-Gage to be a niche, because put it simply smartphone is a niche in Nokia phones and N-Series is a niche in smartphones (considering all E-Series, Xpress Music and X-Series, N-Series, and number series running s60 OS).

The bad move is when a company closes something with no replacemnt on the same level.

This happens with N-Gage closing – the N-Gage platform had a community behing with network gaming, reviews, discussions and much more, and this can be only patially replaced by Ovi gaming, some features will never be replaced.

So then, Nokia did a very bad move because maybe that “niche” of users were core funs of the N-Series. And Nokia lost that 5% or 10% or 20% of users which will be certanly attracted by the many gaming titles on other platforms.

Why would any company close something with no replacement at the same level?

In my opinion, Nokia should have announced that they rename N-Gage as “OVI-Gaming” or “OVI N-Gage Games”, keep the platform and completely integrate it in OVI with keeping the accounts, the people inbox, messages, reviews. Of course, that means Nokia had to do the integration of N-Gage in OVI, but they did not want that, they took the sort way and said bye-bye.

I would not be surprised if Nokia will also CUT ANY OTHER SERVICE in the future, CUT Share on OVI, cut OVI MAIL, CUT even OVI MAPS, cut Ovi Music, etc because of the same reasons: they were niche…

N-Gage was a service loved by many gamers, they had friends on the N-Gage platform, partners to play with and Nokia instead of keeping the accounts and merge them into OVI, they simply delete this. BAD MOVE.

October 30, 2009

They made a statement on the N-Gage blog.

[…] Nokia may be shutting down N-Gage service in September 2010 – Nokia Experts […]

[…] Nokia may be shutting down N-Gage service in September 2010 – Nokia Experts […]

October 31, 2009

Multi-player N-Gage games were pretty cool. Worms World Party (?) was pretty neat. I disliked how the license was only good for the device and not the user. This made me upset because to brand a device as a mobile computer, and for Nokia to not treat it as one, makes you feel like you just have an ordinary phone in your pocket.

Graphics were nice and multi-player was fun. R.I.P. N-Gage.

[…] Nokia shutting down N-Gage service […]

[…] Nokia shutting down N-Gage service […]

November 10, 2009

OVI will also fail. Nokia sells too many smartphone models with too few differences.

June 24, 2010

I waz really upset when i heard dat nokia is shutting down d n-gage platform,coz i use my series N nokia not only as a phone,but also as a game.I am now planning to sell my phone,coz i dont think i can cope with any platform other than that.NOKIA why!

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