Nokia number one in my heart and #1 again in the world, Q4 financials show

Nokia Q4 2009 financials show gains over 2008, own 40% of converged device market

The Smartphone Experts editors learned quite a bit our cool Nokia products over the last several weeks as part of the 3rd Annual Smartphone Round Robin and most of them were quite impressed with Nokia’s offerings. Most did not know what to expect because Nokia no longer has a huge presence here in North America. However, Nokia just released their 4th quarter 2009 financial report that was quite good, especially during these troubling financial times.

Some of the highlights from the detailed report include the following:

  • Nokia converged device share up to 40%, from 35% in Q3 2009
  • 329 million mobile device units shipped, up 8% from 2008
  • Double the operating cash flow from Q3 2009, to EUR 1.5 billion
  • Shipped approx. 4.6 million Nseries and 6.1 million Eseries devices in Q4 2009, compared to 8.9 million combined in Q3 2009
  • 22.6% increase in mobile device sales by volume in North America

There is a LOT of information and a ton of details in the report. Nokia still expects a rather flat 2010, but they are also showing they can stay rather flat and do quite well in today’s market. They also have some impressive results for the developing nations around the world and I am pleased to see Nokia thinking so much about helping everyone around the world.


3 Comments to Nokia number one in my heart and #1 again in the world, Q4 financials show

January 29, 2010

I read this too and it was a pleasant surprise that they bounced back after last year’s dismal display. In the same article, an analyst suggested that they expected the sales of iphones to flatten this year.
Lesson for apple, no matter how cool your phone is, its gonna get outdated like the coolest device of its time, the now hated: motorola razor.

January 29, 2010

Also, one major point to note in that report is also that the average price of phone sold has gone down compared to last year.

January 29, 2010

This is definitely good news. This is a good time for Nokia to shine. Apple has already had one dissapointment with the iPad early on this year. If Nokia has just one good device launch(hopefully with Maemo6), it’ll really push them forward even further.

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