Nokia Keeps Pushing Ovi Services Forward – Ovi Maps, Ovi Music, and More


While it may not be as blockbuster as Maemo becoming Meego, Nokia is also eager to let everybody know that they’re having plenty of success on the services side of their business. We’ve already discussed how game-changing the new, free version of Ovi Maps is, and unsurprisingly Nokia is just as excited as we are.┬áNokia just passed the 3 million download mark – they’re getting 100,000 downloads per day.

For updates on all of Nokia’s services – read on for our updates written live at Nokia’s press conference at Mobile World Congress!

Nokia now has Comes with Music in 27 markets, they have their ala carte store in 33 countries. In 2009 they have 30% of their smartphone footprint, in 2010 they hope to reach 70%. As you may have read here, Comes with Music will soon be Ovi Music – complete with a common Ovi sign on, DRM-free downloads, and better search. The typical Comes with Music subscription customer downloads an average of 500 tracks.

On the Ovi Store front, Nokia has been making “Monthly, mini-releases.” The most recent update has a faster, redesigned store front and better search. 30% of Ovi Maps downloads have come from the new Ovi Store. They’re fully localized in 18 countries, 60 operators support integrated billing. 90% of users can use Ovi Store in their local language. They’re approaching 15 downloads per second, daily highs of over 1,000 downloads per minute.

With messaging, Nokia has two offerings. One is for people who already have an email account – ’email.’ The other is for people who don’t already have email (and remember, in the developing world this is very important) – Ovi Mail. There are 6.5 million users of Ovi Mail, gaining about 1 million new users per month.

Nokia also gave us an update on Nokia Life Tools. The service is ramped up nationwide in India and Indonesia. They have just welcomed the one millionth Life Tools user. That’s 3 devices, 8 months, 2 countries …1 million users. In other words, it’s about as great a test as you could ask for.

Nokia also discussed Nokia Money at some length – talking about the prep work necessary. India will be the pilot for the service. In the world, there are 4.4 billion mobiles phones, but only 1.8 billion bank accounts – Nokia hopes to position Nokia Money precisely in that gap. They’re starting “small” in Pune, India, a city of 6.8 million people and then hope to expand to the rest of the country within 12 months. They are partnering with Yes Bank.

So to wrap up, Nokia is happy with their momentum after ┬áthe “Ovi Transformation” and now they’re focusing on expanding into new markets and perfecting the user experience.


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[…] Dieter at Nokia Experts notes that a wide range of Ovi services have been pushed forward. […]

February 15, 2010

Awesome work! Hail to Ovi n Nokia! Waiting for Nokia Money to arrive in New Delhi…

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