Nokia portrait QWERTY and usable browser not coming until summer 2011

Sorry that I haven’t been posting here much lately, there just hasn’t been a lot going on with Nokia and my excitement for the company continues to wane. It doesn’t help that they are rolling out PR 1.2 for the Nokia N8 and C7 with a delay in 2.0 that provides the portrait QWERTY keyboard and modern web browser until “summer”. This could mean the end of summer which could put this update just a month or so away from the Nokia N8 one year release anniversary. Seriously Nokia, no wonder you had to partner with someone as the ship sinks from under you.

I was quite excited when I heard that WP7 was coming to Nokia hardware, but given that none of my WP7 devices have this mystical pre-NoDo update yet my confidence in a successful partnership is slipping fast. Neither company seems to know how to roll out updates in a timely manner and actually both of these updates should NEVER had been updates. WP7 should have launched with copy/paste and a usable Marketplace search function while the Nokia N8 should have launched with a portrait QWERTY keyboard and a browser that wasn’t years old.


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March 22, 2011

T-Mobile C7 has potrait querty and new browser. Do you have more details on this?

Robert Najafabadi
March 22, 2011

Will at lest Nokia phones have good battery life and Pentaband radio witch is going to come in hand for when AT&T buys T-Mobile. These are things that make me want save my money for a Nokia Meego phone and maybe even next generation Symbian and eventual a WP Nokia.

March 22, 2011

I understand Mr Miller’s frustration, but there are readily available solutions that make the situation perhaps less dire than he portrays it to be. You can download — free — Swype for the N8, which gives you a rather nice portrait keyboard that can be typed on or Swped as you wish; and Opera 10.1 is also available as a free download, which provides a decent enough modern web browser with its own portrait keyboard.(Update: it’s now Opera 11, as of today: For me the outstanding camera on the N8 makes up for some of its other characteristics. It’s still a solid and well made phone… and indeed, you can actually make and receive phone calls and texts on it too… :)

March 22, 2011

I read this article and just let out a big sigh. As a consumer who does like Nokia and their products, it’s hard to want to even bother trying anymore and keep the faith. I may just throw in the towel and move on.

They have great products but rolling out crucial updates and software is absolutely embarrassing. In this day in age when things need to happen almost instantly – these delays and excuses are why they are not up to par with any other company and not taken seriously.

How can you have a phone (C7 for T-Mobile) that isn’t even available have a necessary/vital update but a phone like the N8, which has been out longer, does not?

I agree with PatrickOfLondon that there are substitutes but one should not HAVE to use/install for such basic functionality. I will say the hardware is great they need to really focus hard and quickly on getting software/updates out the door. They are only hurting themselves and their consumers (who are becoming more and more frustrated and jumping ship).

People will only take so much of something before they decided to cut their losses and move on. I for one, may be doing the same very shortly, as much as it saddens me.

Nokia, for the love of all that holy, get your act together.

  • a very disgruntled Nokia user
Plinio S Filho
March 24, 2011

I’m a loyal user of Nokia phones, but I have to agree that there is no way to keep that loyalty anymore. It’s frustrating to see how Nokia is reacting ( if we can believe they are reacting ) against all other brands and OS. Since last year I started using the Android OS and I confess it’s very good, easy and every day we can find a better application and/or update for one we have been using. About Nokia, nothing to say. I was decided to buy the new E7 but frankly I feel that it’s a wrong decision. After so much time waiting the unit that is being introduced is old, no SD card, and some other missing features, which were supposed to be present in a device like E7. Nothing is forever and the love and loyalty to Nokia seems to be one of them.

March 26, 2011

Nokia went from best in the business to overpriced and glitch-ridden in short order. Compare that to my MyTouch 4g which has been rock solid and you see why I have moved to Android.

[…] Nokia portrait QWERTY and usable browser not coming until summer 2011 […]

[…] Nokia portrait QWERTY and usable browser not coming until summer 2011 […]

[…] Nokia portrait QWERTY and usable browser not coming until summer 2011 […]

[…] Nokia portrait QWERTY and usable browser not coming until summer 2011 […]

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March 29, 2011

An easy fix considering the unsurprising delay…just add SWYPE and OPERA. If you have Symbian^3 and a data plan, go with Opera Mobile 11. If you have a limited data plan and/or travel outside of network a lot…go with Opera Mini 6. In any event, the new Opera allows you to use its keyboard OR your default. In my case, I use Swype as the system default and for my Opera Mini 6. This works like a charm on my 5800XM, which has limited available c: drive/RAM. If you dislike the Swype input method, simply disable the method but retain the portrait/landscape keyboards.

Why Nokia doesn’t include these applications in all of its latest updates, at least until it gets its own house in order, remains a mystery to me. Then again…this is standard Nokia these days.

May 3, 2011

It is not long ago that you were writing that N8 is the latest and greatest smart phone. This article is totally in contrast to that.

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