Nokia Ovi Store rocks 3 million daily downloads

Nokia Ovi Store rocks 3 million daily downloadsI was quite the hater of the Ovi Store back when it launched in May 2009 because it did not live up to its promise and had some major issues. As you know, my thoughts about it have been changing as it continued to improve and develop and I actually enjoy it on my N8 and have been using it for 99% of the apps I install on my N8. Nokia announced some extremely impressive stats today with 3 million downloads of apps per day, 400,000 new developers in the past 12 months, 92 developers each reaching the 1 million download mark, and 1.5 million downloads of the Qt software development kit.

The top downloaded free app is Q Torch that simply turns your display white and helps you see in the dark. I have not downloaded or tried this since I want the functionality seen before with the flash being used as a light. I wonder if there are issues making the Xenon perform in this manner though.

The top paid app is one that I am sure you all have loaded, Angry Birds. The third most popular is Need for Speed Shift HD, which is an entertaining racing game on the N8.

The top three apps for North America are AccuWeather Widget, Opera Mobile web browser, and Angry Birds. I don’t have a weather widget on my N8 so I will go try this one out now myself.

I have something like apps loaded on my N8 and honestly the only additional ones I would really like to see that I have on other platforms is good ebook readers like Kindle or Nook and maybe a streaming TV client like Netflix or Hulu Plus.

What are your favorite apps and are you also becoming a fan of the Ovi Store?


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November 18, 2010

I love angry birds but that is if I win N8 @ Nokia experts. Still hanging with my old Nokia E66.

November 18, 2010

Try your best to contact your favourite apps dev to ask fot symnian version

November 19, 2010

It’s a xenon FLASH – meant to creat very high levels of light for an extremely short time period. Good luck with running that continuously as a torch, even at lower light levels. And the LED on the N8 is infrared, for aiding focussing, so that doesn’t really work either. I’m afraid we’re stuck with the screen set to maximum brightness. Not as good as dual-LEDs, but good enough to get the car keys in.

November 22, 2010

A streaming NetFlix app would be so great.

November 26, 2010

Hey Matt…First of all I wonder why when you end your article with a question there are only few comments though… I thought when the end is a question that’s means more feedbacks, but maybe there are some exceptions.
Anyways, I am a Nokia fan, I started using the OVI store since I got my cheap fantastic phone Nokia 5230 “Nuron” and I am glad to share with you my modest experience with the online store. So here are the applications by frequency of use that I downloaded from the OVI store. “I have some other good applications from other websites are not included”:
1. Opera mini 5.1 it’s the nice and easy browser for my simple phone, and I have Opera mini 10.0 as well but I use it only if I need a full website view.
2. Nimbuzz “3.0”it’s a cute application that allows me to connect to my IM services such as: MSN, Yahoo messenger, and Google talk, it has also Twitter, Facebook and much more services and option but I don’t use them. It supports audio calls but the quality is under average and it could be better if you have Wi-Fi or fast 3G.
3. Youtube: This is the official mobile application from YouTube. It’s an easy and fast way to get to Youtube videos and playlists on the phone but the quality is just OKAY.
Finally I just want to mention that all those applications are free and I hope that the OVI store will be better, and then we could find more attractive apps, also I hope that readers of this give more feedbacks even if there is no Nokia N8 to win.

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